NEW YORK: Midtown

It was an invite only cocktail evening event with Salvatore Ferragamo and Details Magazine to mark the Ferragamo Gift Guide which was made up of the brands fall/winter 2013 collection (including accessories) and was administered by Fashion Director Matthew Marden and Style Director Eugene Tong, both from Details Magazine.

Salvatore Ferragamo + Details Magazine + event Salvatore Ferragamo + Details Magazine Salvatore Ferragamo + Details MagazineThe evening also raised money through purchases with a portion of proceeds going to Goods for Good, helping Africa’s poverty stricken communities.  Up to 70,000 orphans in Africa are now receiving better care due to the organization’s efforts.  Small but important events such as this help to generate not only capital but awareness for the endless effort needed to help bring various components of impoverished communities up to a livable standard.

Salvatore Ferragamo + Details Magazine + guestGuest’s discussed the new Gift Guide and charity involved

Salvatore Ferragamo + Details Magazine Brendan Fallis + Salvatore Ferragamo + Details MagazineBrendan Fallis kept the evening going smoothly

Brendan Fallis was DJ for the festivity and managed to keep “on track” whilst enjoying a very delightful yet strong (at least they seemed quite potent) Basil Hayden’s Bourbon.

Salvatore Ferragamo + Details Magazine accessories + Salvatore Ferragamo + Details MagazineA low key evening filled with fashion, cocktails, a charitable organization and all coming together to celebrate the Ferragamo Gift Guide.