LOS ANGELES: Beverly Hills

Romanian beauty Raluca Mos comes from a small town called Jibou in the state of Transylvania.  She has been modeling only for a few years but has captured a commercial and beauty audience already around the globe and it looks like she is headed even further.
How did it all begin?

“I come from a very small town from Romania, where there is not so much going on but I am happy I grew in such an environment as it gave me a beautiful and joyful childhood based on simple things.  I was discovered as a model at the age of 14 and started working for Romanian brands, at that moment considering that I was too young to travel and putting education first.”

Raluca-Mos-top-model Raluca Mos hot model Roluca-Mos-legsRaluca Mos red hot model 2Countries Raluca has modeled in:

“I started going abroad in summer holidays and always came back home for school.  I have worked as a model in Tokyo, three times in China, Istanbul, Milan and Paris.”

Raluca Mos photo 1 Raluca Mos photo 4 Raluca Mos red hot 1 Raluca Mos red hot skinny 3 Raluca Mos red hot skinny 4 Raluca Mos black-white Raluca-Mos-portraitLikes and dislikes about the modeling profession thus far:

“I would have to say that the best thing about modeling is the fact that it opens your way to the world.  I didn’t choose to be a model just for traveling, I love being photographed and so on, but at the same time I’m taking advantage 100% of this amazing chance to discover so many countries, cultures, different mentalities…  It is ironic how the best thing about modeling (traveling) is at the same time the cause of a big disadvantage – being far from home, family and closest friends.”

Raluca-Most-Magazine-cover Raluca-Most-model Raluca Mos red hot skinny 5New city, model apartment, new friends:

“Every time I go somewhere, I start from zero:  new city, new friends, new life.  When I arrive in a whole new place, not knowing anybody, the best thing to do is to live in the model apartment provided by the agency until I get used to everything around.  Living with other models can be very fun and helpful and it’s a great start to creating friendships.  That’s the ideal way…  it’s not always perfect though; we don’t know each other and sometimes it’s hard to live with persons who are just very different, do not respect house rules and sometimes there can be a strange vibe caused by the envy between models and so on.”

Raluca Mos-bikini-model Raluca Mos-hot-bikini Raluca Mos-sexy-bikiniYouth, diet, bad habits, good habits:

“Having a healthy lifestyle is important no matter what age or occupation.  I’m not overreacting with anything, just trying to be balanced.  I am not killing myself with strict diets but trying to eat as healthy as I can, exercising a little every day, saying no to cigarettes and yes to drinking alcohol in acceptable amounts.  I love a glass of good rosé wine now and then.”

Raluca Mos model red hot 1 Raluca Mos model photo 5 Raluca Mos model red hot  5 Raluca Mos model red hot  3Favorite designers:

“Hard to make a top list, but if I have to choose today, they would be:  Valentino, Dior, Elie Saab, Oscar de la Renta”

Raluca Mos-sexy-model Raluca Mos-torso Raluca Mos-white-shirt Raluca Mos-face-blue Raluca Mos red hot skinnyThe modeling industry in general, conceptions and misconceptions:

“Many people have a wrong impression about the whole modeling thing.  I hear things like:  ‘What do you know about work?  You make money just smiling.’  Models around the world will support me when I say that we do know what work means!  It’s not that easy as those who are outside of this industry would think.”

Raluca Mos-profile-face Raluca Mos-glasses Raluca Mos pantsLatest rumors are that Raluca will be gracing Los Angeles with her beauty soon.  We are sure good things will come her way in modeling, Hollywood and other adventures.