Talented, global, charismatic, unique, often charming and always at the center.


MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL + RED HOT ROSTERBorn in New York City she still calls it her home.  The Academy Award winner has participated in anti war demonstrations, charities and even enjoys her brother Jake Gyllenhaal’s action flicks.  Active on the charity and “for causes” scene she still has time to appear in films, which combined, have earned over $1 Billion in revenue worldwide (hope she received equity points on the back end for a few).  Mother of two, tons of clout and wife of Peter Sarsgaard, she isn’t the type to attend overly flashy events in the “night scene”.  She’s unique.



NUR KHAN / New York

NUR KHAN + RED HOT ROSTERA true New Yorker (although he looks more Los Angeles), he definitely knows the night scene better than most.  His venues are legendary from the Rose Bar, Electric Room, Kenmare to Tao Downtown Lounge.  All have a signature crowd and A-list vibe.  He has been known to rumble with the competition in the past and possess wild animals in his apartment (not talking about the models).  On everyone’s list and entering through front, back and side door all by invitation.  He is someone to know.  Rock’n’Roll.




AnnMarie Nitti + RED HOT ROSTERJust your average New York “babe” making her way through the big city (on her own dime).  The girl has looks and doesn’t use them for anything else but modeling.  Always happy and cheerful she is great to run into.  If she were a gold digger (but she is not), 99% of Eastern European women in the city would have to fear for the loss of their rent money (sugar daddies).  Fortunately, her morals are as high as her heels (she has great legs).  NYU grad – smart.




MORGAN FREEMAN + RED HOT ROSTERTechnically living mainly in Charleston, Mississippi with a residence in New York and Los Angeles, we will call him a Los Angelino (after all, he’s in Hollywood).  From Driving Miss Daisy to now probably owning all of Miss Daisy’s property, he is a true example of late success.  Young at heart and sharp as a knife, he remains revered by many struggling artists in the acting profession.  He is cool by definition and wears sunglasses just to avoid being blinded by the camera flashes during red carpet premieres.  We like his style.





REGINA SIL + RED HOT ROSTEROne HOT Brazilian that should probably be residing in New York or London but calls Miami her home.  She is a well known model in South Florida who possesses the face of an angel (or devil).  It’s bikinis, beaches and beer for this overly happy South American who fancies coming to New York often.  More of a Hollywood celebrity attitude and presence than celebrities themselves.  She has the power of “pretty”.  You won’t forget this wild one if you have the luxury of meeting her.  Viva Brazil!




FRANCESCO BELCARO + RED HOT ROSTERThe Made in Italy co-founder resides in New York but seems to be globe trotting (Italy, Spain, France and South America).  With an active event following numbering over 20,000 his events and brand is one of the most powerful in New York and Miami.  Attending all of the best parties and always surrounding by half a dozen friends, he is a likeable guy.  One birthday celebration he threw had over 2,000 guests which he knew personally.  Social, looks ladies appreciate and fluent in several languages.  He’s cool.





ALESSANDRA POZZI + RED HOT ROSTERThis blonde bombshell is originally from Paris but fell in love with New York and made it her home ever since.  She has style, sophistication and a nice accent that turns men into devils.  Guys chase her and women embrace her.  On the go building her modeling career her mingling skills are better than someone in PR.  You would think champagne but it’s vodka on the rocks for her (less calories).  She might insult you and forget the next day (vodka).  If you are a Lord or surf bum you “might” get a date.




MICK ROCK / New York

MICK ROCK + RED HOT ROSTEROriginally from London but residing in New York for most of his life, the photographer is known for his photos of rock stars such as David Bowie, Queen, etc.  His work is an institution in the rock and post punk genre.  We like his signature shades and amiable personality when out and about.  He is active with charities and likes to hit the New York event scene on occasion.  A mover and shaker that is an art maker.  Beware of his direct speech as it is like a shot of tequila without lime.  Honest guy.