NEW YORK: Chelsea

It seems to be all happening at TAO Downtown these past couple of months since NYFW.  Marc Packer is packing in all the high profile events with celebrity and “beautiful crowd” attendees for sure.  It makes sense that the high profile Hollywood mega-star Leonardo DiCaprio would also choose to have his birthday celebration in the Chelsea – close to Meatpacking District venue.  Who came to show the birthday boy some birthday love?  Ronnie Wood, Benicio Del Toro, Orlando Bloom, Edward Norton, just to new name a few.

Leonardo DiCaprio Birthday, Tao, Kanye West, 2 Chainz Leonardo-DiCaprio-Birthday, Tao-Downtown, Kanye-West, 2ChainzKanye West, DJ Jus Ske, 2 Chainz prepare

Leonardo DiCaprio Birthday, Kanye West Leonardo DiCaprio Birthday, Kanye WestLeonardo DiCaprio (in hat lower left) receives a birthday salute from Kanye West

“Where’s Leo?  Where’s Leonardo at?”

These were the words from Kanye West before his performance as the crowd cheered on with great expectations.  Leonardo DiCaprio responding in an almost innocent boyish tone.

“I’m here, hey!  I’m over here, I’m right here!”

A genuine gesture and words were spoken about Mr. DiCaprio.  Genuine from a performer of course who is used to being on stage and building up a crowd.  Nevertheless, it was not rehearsed and seemed to make Mr. DiCaprio elated as a big grin came to his face.  We also know that EVERY pretty young woman in Tao Downtown knew EXACTLY where Mr. DiCaprio was minute by minute.  I guess a lot of dreams were vanquished when he finally kissed the girl of his choice as show in the video below (scroll down).

Leonardo DiCaprio Birthday, 2 Chainz, Kanye West, Tao Leonardo DiCaprio Birthday, 2 Chainz, Kanye West Leonardo DiCaprio Birthday, Kanye West, 2 ChainzLeonardo DiCaprio front row (in hat left) for the  2 Chainz and Kanye West performance

video-play-icon-386x170Video 1 – Leonardo DiCaprio enjoying his birthday performance
video-play-icon-386x170Video 2 – Leonardo DiCaprio receiving a special birthday kiss

Many women were readily available for some attention by the mega birthday star but to their dismay, did not receive it.

Leonardo DiCaprio Birthday, MadelaineMadelaine actually was not interested in Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Birthday Leonardo DiCaprio BirthdayReverse view of the crowd from near the stage

Leonardo DiCaprio Birthday, Lidia Vidrenko, Rosalind LipsettTop models Lidia Vidrenko and Rosalind Lipsett seemed to also not be into celebrities

Leonardo DiCaprio BirthdayNow that’s a birthday bash