Talented, global, charismatic, unique, often charming and always at the center.

RED HOT ROSTER March 2014 C.C. Sheffield

C.C. SHEFFIELD / Los Angeles

This stunning Los Angeles born and based DJ really knows how to turn heads (not just with her music).  Like a flower on the wall most won’t know she is there.  The few who do notice won’t be able to keep their attention off of her.  Cool and trying to be cooler, it’s easy to see why trends are created by artistic beauties like her self for others to follow.  Formerly a model but now gone full throttle music mixer, she prefers the fun in the sun West Coast life opposed to cramming it in Manhattan (NYC).  A classy hipster with a twist of American Eurotrash.




RED HOT ROSTER March 2014 Noam Murro

NOAM MURRO / Los Angeles

Noam Murro is known for directing the latest block buster, “300, The Rise of an Empire” and for being an all around nice guy.  From Israel to Los Angeles he prefers the company of warm weather and palm trees.  Hollywood is is business so it makes sense to be in the middle of the chaos.  One of the few happy directors in the scene suggests he is making either a great income or having great sex (could be both).  We like his natural movie mafia gangster & “looks like a famous chef” style.




RED HOT ROSTER March 2014 Alessandra AmbrosioALESSANDRA AMBROSIO / Los Angeles

Who doesn’t know this beauty?  Alessandra Ambrosio has gone from wearing clothes for a living (and sometimes very little of them) to owning a collection.  The Victoria’s Secret supermodel turned designer has our vote because she could wear a trash bag and make it look good.  With superior Brazilian genetics and the success to back it up, skin deep beauty does pay!  Wife, mother and creative celebrity, she doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  Sunshine and smiles is what we think of the Brazil to LA transplant. 



RED HOT ROSTER March 2014 Joe ManganielloJOE MANGANIELLO / Los Angeles

Actor (theater and film), director, producer, author and workout guru, seems this guy is doing it all.  Known for his work on the HBO series, “True Blood”, others might remember his dance moves from the film “Magic Mike”.  Women and gay men want to rape him.  Perhaps that’s why his “over it” cool attitude is both good for cinematic character life as well as real.  The accomplished Pittsburgh native doesn’t get much tabloid news, which is a good thing.  But we see his star on the rise so check back soon.




RED HOT ROSTER March 2014 Vanessa HudgensVANESSA HUDGENS / Los Angeles

The young actress, singer and California native is climbing her way from the top to somewhere a bit higher.  The former Disney Channel star is in the group of “Young Hollywood” starlets.  With producers and fans chasing and chatting her up, her career looks promising.  Like most California girls, she is friendly and radiates that upbeat vibe.  Any girl who smiles for a lot has our vote of confidence.  Beyond smiles, her talent has been growing since her film debut at the age of 15 and has appeared in films with Dwayne Johnson and Selena Gomez.  Not too shabby for a young Hollywood darling.





RED HOT ROSTER March 2014 Bill BlockBILL BLOCK / Los Angeles

First off, he has a hot wife from some Eastern European country, probably Russia.  That should be enough but he happens to be one of those well known Hollywood producers as well.  Having produced films starring Matt Damon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise, Josh Brolin and more.  It’s no wonder why he is in good company.  More on the banking-production side of Hollywood, he is no fool.  The founder and creator of several high powered entertainment companies earned his seat at the top.  One of the few Hollywood types who knows Wall Street and how to maneuver in it.




RED HOT ROSTER March 2014 Eva MendesEVA MENDES / Los Angeles

She may have been born in Miami but was raised in LA from childhood.  Many know her from hit movies such as 2 Fast 2 Furious or from dating Ryan Gosling.  Her list of roles in feature films has placed her alongside various A-List actors and she has become a pop figure as well.  Her most recent venture as designer for a New York based clothing brand shows the sky is the limit.  Always amiable and a vision to look at, we see why people swarm over her.  With a flair for being in the mix, she has used her pretty face to support charities as well as commercial modeling.  Cha-ching!!!





RED HOT ROSTER March 2014 Domingo ZapataDOMINGO ZAPATA / New York

The only non LA living person, the New Yorker (and citizen of the world) is known for his amazing art installations and creations globally.  He is one of those “connected” to everything types in the big city.  The jet set artist is no stranger to celebrations as he Spanish blood likes to have a good time.  Always a generous host and always with a happy demeanor, we see why he is on everyone’s invite list.  The creative genius spends much of his time outside of the USA, probably gathering inspiration.  He is the link for all powerful corners of business and entertainment.