Talented, global, charismatic, unique, often charming and always at the center.

[highlight_1]MICHAEL SCOTT[/highlight_1][highlight_2]Los Angeles[/highlight_2]

Michael Scott Red Hot RosterThe New York to Los Angeles transplant is the definition of Frank Sinatra’s I did it “My Way” song.  A self made mega millionaire opens his doors to friends or those who stimulate him mentally, physically or athletic-wise.  Nobility of Britain, royalty from Saudi Arabia, high fashion models and Playboy Bunnies are known to be amongst his frequent guests.  An American Lord.  GOD SAVE THE MICHAEL!!


[highlight_1]KIRA DIKHTYAR[/highlight_1][highlight_2]New York[/highlight_2]

Kira Dikhtyar Red Hot RosterThe Moscow to New York RED HOT girl has more on her plate than one could ever imagine.  Somehow she is able to keep it all together and her supermodel looks.  A former gold medal gymnast, now golden paid fashion model.  No time for breaks, chocolate shakes or male mistakes.  Jaws drop when she walks in a room (women included).  Textbook beauty with a street-wise attitude.  Easily impressed with honesty (put away the Rolls Royce and private jet).


[highlight_1]SERGEI BEZRUKOV[/highlight_1][highlight_2]Los Angeles[/highlight_2]

Sergei Bezrukov Red Hot RosterFrom Moscow to New York and now Los Angeles, the Director of Operations for one of the largest Russian backed hospitality groups on the planet is an avid karaoke singer.  If he doesn’t recognize someone pretending to be important in 10 seconds, then they are probably on the lower side of the social list.  Having successfully coordinated several important hot spots, he’s on every radar for billionaires looking to open venues worldwide-Russian work ethic.


[highlight_1]ROSALIND LIPSETT[/highlight_1][highlight_2]Los Angeles[/highlight_2]

Rosalind Lipsett Red Hot RosterThe Dublin to New York and now Los Angeles model-actress loves a nice Guiness (she has an avid workout routine so it’s allowed) as much as champagne.  As an IT GIRL her lunch and dinner appointments are booked solid weeks in advance.  London, Dublin or New York – difficult to follow her jet setting.  Refined and elegant, the high Irish accent adds to her desirable status (sex appeal).  A lady through and through so be wisely the same please or she will be through with you.


[highlight_1]RUSSELL SIMMONS[/highlight_1][highlight_2]Los Angeles[/highlight_2]

Russell Simmons Red Hot RosterWith residences on both the East and West coasts, he claims LA as his home.  If there was a party on the moon, he would probably be there.  Only Alec Baldwin has been seen at more events (and with less attractive women).  He is the cool kid on the block and always has a RED HOT babe with him no matter where the location.  Amiable, well known and polished, no wonder why EVERYONE wants him on their guest list.  



[highlight_1]SOO YEON LEE[/highlight_1][highlight_2]New York[/highlight_2]

Soo Yeon Lee Red Hot RosterModel, actress, Ping Pong champion, socialite and philanthropist, she might be unstoppable (and what a great pair of legs).  Her adventures seem to be in Los Angeles lately but everyone knows her from New york.  Her fame and reputation is known worldwide (one of the few who knows how to dress elegantly).  This is the girl you want to bring home to your mother (at least the first part of the evening).  Outspoken, she doesn’t miss a beat.  Some might find her shy but she is probably just sizing them up.


[highlight_1]NICK GRUBER[/highlight_1][highlight_2]Los Angeles[/highlight_2]

Nick Gruber Red Hot RosterThe jury is out on this guy who likes girls and guys and girls (we are not sure actually).  One thing is for certain, EVERYONE seems to like this RED HOT Calvin Klein model, former Calvin Klein lover and ex-porn star.  He was even in the military-Oorah!.  Rumors of his new high end boot or adventure camp seem to be afloat and he is the guy to get it done.  His generation is just as confusing as his sex life.  A gentleman for certain, we expect big things from this Northern California native.



[highlight_1]JESSICA PATTERSON[/highlight_1][highlight_2]London[/highlight_2]

Jessica Patterson Red Hot RosterThe California to London transplant is more than just a lady-guru of nightlife and the social scene.  The boutique media mogulette is on every list and welcome to almost any door throughout London.  If you don’t know her then you are probably NOT worth knowing.  Beyond a rocking body and Mid-Atlantic accent she has dance moves that makes LORDS lose their composure (vodka).  She has half of London in her rolodex.