Talented, global, charismatic, unique, often charming and always at the center.

AMBER HEARD / Los Angeles

REDHOT Roster Amber Heard JanuaryShe is hot, she is a model, she is an actress and oops, she is from Texas (no accent fortunately).  Now calling Los Angeles her home the darling of Hollywood has been in several feature films and doesn’t appear to be slowing down.  One more thing, she dates some famous guy named Johnny Depp.  A great sense of humor (Texans are known for this) much of her real life interaction with fans and media is in fact, REAL.  She is the Next Big Thing in Tinseltown so we don’t expect for her to let anyone down.  Long live cowboy boots and BBQ!



What can we say about the famous X Men character?  Originally from Oklahoma and residing in Los Angeles for quite a long time, he was a former Versace model.  The 4o year old father of three doesn’t look a day over 27 (high protein diet) and is as cool as he looks.  One of the more powerful in acting talent members of Hollywood, doesn’t buy in to all the bling flash boom of LA.  Down to earth and a gentleman to many, we couldn’t find any dirt on him.  I guess we are forced to praise him as one of those genuine nice guy types.  



REDHOT Roster Caroline D'Amore JanuaryShe is hot and a DJ.  From LA, she did a small stint in New York modeling (told you she is hot).  We would like to talk more about her career but she looks so good in short dresses dancing it doesn’t matter.  Not sure if the blonde look is as good as her natural brunette color, but like we said, she looks great dancing.  Many in LA know her family’s famous D’Amore Pizza restaurants.  I did enjoy the Pizza Bianco.  Part of the Paris Hilton click, but still an Alpha female herself, she is always in the know.



REDHOT Roster Barry Diller JanuaryGay or straight, who cares?  He has the largest yacht in the world and has the entertainment world, fashion world, finance world, political world, all the worlds covered.  Originally from San Francisco, now calls New York his home.  He knows how to live it up at age 72.  High net worth and high on life, there is very little above him.  Great style and one of the few naturally grumpy looking guys that is always smiling.  Top power guy in the room, always, so pay attention.



REDHOT Roster Samantha Ronson JanuaryA DJ and songwriter, she was born in London to one of those upper crust sort of eccentric aristocrat families that seem to be involved in everything.  She spiced it up even more by dating other high profile women of her sexual genre (yes, she is a lesbian).  Always seen attending or spinning at high profile events, this former Londoner, former New Yorker and now Los Angeles resident was actually born into the know (lucky girl)Never let them see you sweat, could be a phrase to describe this muff-diving musical darling.


JOHNNY DEPP / Los Angeles

REDHOT Roster Johnny Depp JanuaryAnother top dog we can’t seem to say anything bad about.  The former Kentucky resident has lived around the world but lives in Los Angeles these days (close to work).  We are unsure about the dyed blonde hair but assume it is for a movie role.  He is living proof that good looking male actors can date women 23 years younger than them and get away with hit.  Jovial and serious, the highly intellectual superstar is no one’s fool.  Guess the bad boy image was in fact, an image.  The former 21 Jump Street star brings new hope to all single men over 50 in search of young love…


ASHLEY AVIS / Los Angeles

REDHOT Roster Ashley Avis JanuaryThis former Floridian and New Yorker is based in Los Angeles now.  She is quickly becoming known directing and producing the hottest and sexiest videos for fashion brands and other products in the LA to NY marketplace.  Conservative with a flair for recognizing beauty, she began her career in print media before switching to video projects.  An intellectual with nice curves, she should have been a bikini model, but chose to use her brains (can’t win them all)


REDHOT Roster Walter Baker JanuaryThe New York born and bred fashion designer-entrepreneur can’t leave the Big Apple because it inspires his creativity for his fashion brand.  His brand sells coast to coast in all the major departments stores and also in Europe, he always has too little time.  Energetic and a fan of vodka martinis, he also knows how to throw some of the most exciting parties in town.  We hear he is an avid tennis player but have yet to confirm.  He likes to talk but has the goods to back it up.  It’s always going to be a good time if Walter is in the room.  Women adore his style worldwide.