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Southern California beauty, Alyssa Smith, is originally from Newport Beach.  She works with many brands known globally but also based in the Los Angeles area.  A top model with a stunning figure and gem for photographers to work with, she lays out her modeling career beginnings and day to day facts about the job.

“My career began at the age of sixteen when my best friend’s mother asked to photograph me.  After the shoot, she told me I could model professionally, which was a very strange concept to me at the time.  I took the photographs into a local agency in my hometown of Newport Beach.  They signed me immediately and I began modeling mostly for swim and surf wear companies.”

Alyssa Smith Gregorio CamposAlyssa Smith model Neave Bozorgi Alyssa Smith model Gregorio CamposWhere have you worked and/or lived whilst modeling?

“I have traveled to Cape Town, Dubai, Bora Bora, London, Amsterdam and France to name a few.  I lived in London the longest, which is probably why it is my favorite place.  Also, it is very easy to get around in London.  I could make it to 7 castings in a day!”

model beauty Alyssa Smith Neave Bozorgi model Alyssa Smith Neave Bozorgi Alyssa Smith-Edit B Neave BozorgiWhat does your diet look like?

“I do not exactly have a diet, but I eat as clean and as healthy as possible.  I avoid dairy and gluten because it makes me puffy and bloated.  I try to have as many vegetables, lean proteins and juices as possible.  Then I can always indulge my sweet tooth! Dark chocolate and coconut ice cream are my favorites.  Maintaining good health is important for everyone but especially for models.  What you put inside your body shows up on the outside.”

NBM34278-Edit Neave Bozorgi Alyssa Smith 300zDSC_8107 Joseph TranAlyssa Smith 300zDSC_7881 Joseph TranAlyssa Smith 300z1DSC_8947 Joseph TranYour body is perfect, so what does your work out routine look like?

“I try to workout two to three times a week.  I enjoy hiking for cardio and Pilates for strength training.  Every girl should try Pilates on the Reformer machine at least once.  It lifts my backside and flattens my tummy without bulking my arms or legs.”

Alyssa Smith IMG_7427 Gregorio Campos Alyssa Smith IMG_7347 Gregorio Campos Alyssa Smith IMG_6927 Gregorio CamposWhat are your likes and dislikes about modeling?

“I love constantly working with new people; every day is different and I never get bored.  I like being in a creative industry and I enjoy being able to tell a visual story. I dislike the casting process at times; it can become a waiting game for hours.  I usually leave after a certain point because I don’t want to work with a client who is that rude anyway.  Plus, I have a life too!”

Alyssa Smith 300a1DSC_6367 Joseph Tran Alyssa Smith 300aDSC_6488 Joseph Tran Alyssa Smith 300aDSC_6585 Joseph TranWhat are some of your favorite types of jobs to work on and the reason for such?

“I enjoy jobs that are physically challenging. I am very athletic so anything that requires coordination is interesting to me.  Some of my favorite jobs have required aerial acrobatics, paddle boarding, roller skating, and playing volleyball. Literally when someone says jump, I say, how high?”

Alyssa Smith model_MG_0590-01 Russell Elloway Alyssa Smith model_MG_0673-01-01-01-2 Russell EllowayWhat is your favorite non alcoholic or alcoholic drink?

“My favorite non-alcoholic drink is good old H20. I can never get enough. My favorite alcoholic drink would be a tie between red wine and tequila. Tequila is like a bad boy, it is so much fun but you hate yourself the next day. While red wine is like the guy you settle down with and never does you wrong.”

Alyssa Smith model 300aDSC_7694 Joseph Tran Alyssa Smith model 300aDSC_7651 Joseph TranAny plans for acting or have you done video work/commercials?

“I have been acting for a few years and plan to focus more on it down the road.  Some national commercials I have done include:  AXE Body spray, GMC Motors, JC Penny and SEALY Mattress.  Some television shows I have co-stared or guest-stared in include:  How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement, Franklin & Bash, HBO Present’s Funny or Die and Hello Ladies.  Movie roles I have landed consist of: Couple’s Retreat, Caught in the Crossfire & Sunken City.  I also recently just hosted ESQUIRE Network’s Women We Love show.”

Alyssa Smith LA model image copy 2 Joseph Tran Alyssa Smith LA model image-2 copy 2 Joseph TranWhat are some of the known brands and publications you have worked with?

“Some of the major brands I have worked with are Nike, New Balance, Triumph Lingerie, Juicy Couture, AG Jeans and True Religion.  Publications I have been featured in include Cosmopolitan, Riviera, Esquire & Surfing magazine.”

Alyssa Smith model Los Angeles IMG_7951 Gregorio Campos Alyssa Smith model Los Angeles IMG_8098 Gregorio CamposFavorite designers at the moment?

“Currently, I would say Alexander Wang and Zac Posen.”

Favorite music?

“Surprisingly, I am a big fan of Beyonce’s new album.  But in general, I am a Classic Rock type of girl.”

Model Alyssa Smith_DSC7196 Larson Sotelo Model Alyssa Smith_DSC7086 Larson Sotelo Model Alyssa Smith _DSC6713 Larson SoteloWhen guys check you out, what is the first thing they notice, face, body, hair?  I am sure they comment.

“Guys probably first notice my long blonde hair.  It is a fact that blonds are more eye-catching than brunettes.  As far as pick-up lines go, the old do you come here often should never be uttered again by anyone.  Someone just asked me that the other day in Whole Foods.”

alyss smith 3 torrey westLos Angeles Model Alyssa Smith