MOSCOW: Russia

“If you really have to report my photos as nudity and pornography, please delete me from your friend list or stop following me.  We all have bodies and we have to be proud of them no matter what!  That’s not shame and I don’t show anything you didn’t see before.  It is the freedom of art and that piece of art is my body!  If you have a problem with that be free to leave this profile and forget about me!  Don’t judge someone because of who they are!”

Olya Abramovich flip offOlya looks great even giving THE BIRD

Top cyber and social media babe, Olya Abramovich, contested her so called friends on Facebook and other social media outlets because of complaints about her recent photo posts.  It is safe to assume that these complaints were probably NOT filed by the MALE friends and followers of her various social media profiles.  We have spoken to this Russian born and bred RED HOT social media phenomenon about her work before.

Olya Abramovich white dress Olya Abramovich selfie black dress Olya Abramovich pink Olya Abramovich red Olya Abramovich robe selfie Olya Abramovich selfie Olya Abramovich lingerie selfie Olya Abramovich leatherOlya Abramovich has become the gold standard of what a “selfie” should look like

As a model, Olya Abramovich has the looks (beauty), the wardrobe, the connections (so it seems) and the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude that keeps her going forward like a freight train.  We certainly approve of all her visuals and encourage others to re-evaluate their own posts.  Genetics are a great thing for some and horrible for others.  What can we say?  The girl has looks of an angel.  As one follower said,

“God took his time when he created Olya Abramovich.”

Olya Abramovich white face Olya Abramovich white black Olya Abramovich thumb suck Olya Abramovich lingerie dark Olya Abramovich breast cake Olya Abramovich bath Olya Abramovich bedroom Olya Abramovich bikini Olya Abramovich black and white abramovich olya greenIt’s easy to see why some females would want to report her as being over the line.  With such dynamic beauty and youth whilst being the dreaded, Russian, she has gathered some “haters” lately.  Her popularity has spread just by being essentially, herself.  There was another very popular girl who ended up making a huge fortune just being herself, going global in fact with a variety of companies backing her as she branded herself with them.  That’s of course, Paris Hilton.

“I have been working with some photographers like Evgenyi Demenev and Dmitry Plyusnin…  I was also working for a magazine named Faces.”

Olya Abramovich fashion selfie Olya Abramovich dark dressSo what about the spicey photos?  The works of art were taken back in 2012 by Alexander Tikhomirov.  They are quite amazing.

Olya Abramovich nude Olya Abramovich 5 Olya Abramovich 8 Olya Abramovich 10We hope you enjoy Olya’s art and self confident promotion as much as we do.  Ladies, please control your jealousy and lack of enthusiasm by not complaining to various social media site administrators.  It won’t defeat her genetics.