Talented, global, charismatic, unique, often charming and always at the center.


RED HOT ROSTER April 15, Robert Downey JrROBERT DOWNEY JR. / Los Angeles

From Less Than Zero to well over $170 Million and rising.  He’s a powerhouse of creativity and genius.  His wild party days seem to be tamed in his middle age.  This Hollywood star had run ins with the law during his youth (served time) speeding down Sunset Blvd with a .357 Magnum and contraband.  But if anyone can live out Frank Sinatra’s words, “I did it my way”, it’s him.  He is up and still on the up and up.  Kind, funny and loves to hang around his hood casually (Venice Beach – Abbot Kinney) without being harassed.  He seems to be closing in on his fictional billionaire character in the Avengers movies as more projects fall on his lap.  Bad boy turned bad ass middle aged Hollywood gent.


RED HOT ROSTER April 15, Hailee SteinfeldHAILEE STEINFELD / Los Angeles

She’s all grown up now, compared to her 2010 film True Grit (nominated for best supporting actress) which she filmed at the age of 13.  Witty, girly, yet mature and somehow similar to a third grade teacher – but more smiley.  Hollywood is taking a serious look at her for virtually any role.  She has a long career ahead of her if she plays her cards right.  Such a blessing to be discovered at a young age (I mean, for her agent/management) as she is not yet typecasted.  Still, as a teenager with a foothold in the limelight we are reminded of Cyndi Lauper’s words, “girls just want to have fun”, of course.  So far so good.  Let’s see how she handles Hollywood in the near future.


RED HOT ROSTER April 15, Chris HemsworthCHRIS HEMSWORTH / Los Angeles

Some of you may recognize him as Thor.  Others, as the Huntsman.  Either way, he’s famous.  And surprisingly, not as big as he looks in real life vs. on camera.  Still wouldn’t scuffle with him as Australians are known to be rowdy (they were a prison colony don’t forget).  A gentleman more than a fictional hammer hunting barbarian.  It’s all business when meeting him in public.  He’s ready to push his Hollywood pay grade beyond the stars.  Still, a very sincere family man who is devoted to his three children & lovely Spanish wife Elsa Pataky.  A lot of down home tradition in a modern world for this lad.  What does that mean?  It means all class.


RED HOT ROSTER April 15, Mara TeigenMARA TEIGEN / Los Angeles

Just your average everyday hot social media babe and LA model.  Not really average.  She’s fine, like wine, but bubbly.  So we suppose that would be champagne.  How sweet looking she is, even without the make up.  In every city there seem to be certain “clicks”, just like high school.  She is one of those hot babes in the top click.  Forget following Leonardo DiCaprio and the whole Entourage scene.  She is a young model powerhouse herself.  You don’t have to be an international star to be big in LA, just well connected.  Sexy, savvy and looks great in a bikini.  This is one California girl you want to check out.  She’s definitely on the up and up so watch out, or up.


RED HOT ROSTER April 15, Scott EastwoodSCOTT EASTWOOD / Los Angeles

If you recognize the last name, then you are probably right.  Clint Eastwood couldn’t be a prouder father of this Hollywood cowboy actor.  A chip off the old block?  Well, we are not yet sure, but he seems to be making the right moves (good to have a famous and powerful dad).  Ladies man, no comment.  But the babes certainly surround him in person and gawk at his photos.  If you are looking for the all American type, his photos would be the poster boy for it.  Conservative, soft spoken and analyzing you in person.  He probably should have been in banking.  Nevertheless, Hollywood is his destiny at present, for acting & producing.  We hope he can pull it off.


RED HOT ROSTER April 15, Liliana ChudinovaLILIANA CHUDINOVA / Los Angeles

This Ukrainian-German jet set babe is more than just a pretty face – lingerie model, TV personality in Europe and semi socialite.  The perfect mix for Los Angeles.  Like Robert Downey, she had a brief run in with the law.  But we like wild and dangerous women (as long as there’s no stabbing).  One look at her in person and any man will realize that she is in charge.  Her raw sexual power and beauty is hard to not notice.  She was born to be a star.  We can only hope those big Hollywood producers will be kind to her and give her a role or two.  Yes, she speaks perfect English so really there’s no excuse.  If she doesn’t get a James Bond part then they need a new casting director!


RED HOT Roster April 15, Matthew Del NegroMATTHEW DEL NEGRO / Los Angeles

Women fantasize over married men it seems.  The LA transplant (from New York) has been active on TV for several years and making his way onto the big screen.  Cool and polite, there’s no doubt his good sense will further him to where he wants to be in Hollywood.  Yes, he’s one of the few guys that knows how to dress in LA.  Needless to say, he’s not wearing jeans, baseball caps and t-shirts to red carpet premieres.  A gentleman’s character goes further than the jacket he’s wearing.  His real down to earth personality compliments his success.  And for those aggressive ladies, try to remember he’s a married man and stop grabbing him in public.


RED HOT ROSTER April 15, Alena SavostikovaALENA SAVOSTIKOVA / Los Angeles

Finally, a New York & London style girl in LA who actually has more than just one glass of champagne.  We like her witty, colorful and sexy personality (nice body too).  She’s a model & working actress that can put you in your place in about five seconds.  She is a textbook example of how young pretty actresses are supposed to be – high spirited and free.  If you want to bring a girl home to mama, she would be the one (without the tequila).  With her brains, she should be working for NASA.  But West Coast life is too good.  She must have great genetics or hit the gym two hours per day (like most women in LA) because her cellulite count looks like “0”.  What a body.