NYMPHOMANIAC: Hypersexuality Exposed

“Once per day? No darling, I need it at least 6 to 10 times per day. The problem is most men are sick of it after a few days. They can not handle it.” These are the words of Madame XXX.

Madame XXX (obviously I can not reveal her real name) is from the Mediterranean region. She likes her drink, she likes her sun, she likes her food and she loves her sex. At twenty something years of age, her body is rock solid and she could be easily mistaken for a Victoria’s Secret model or one of those hot Maxim – FHM girls. Living in between New York and Europe, she finds it difficult to maintain a solid relationship. “I want it 6 to 10 times per night but hardcore and intense all over but not the bed. I want it on a table, floor, in the shower, a chair, public places like a pool, hot tub, various roof tops, club bathrooms, side of buildings, this sort of thing. What’s my problem? I feel guys try but that can’t hang and after two days they are just dead. When I start to get it I need it every day. The more I get it, the more I want it. I can go months without having sex, but once I start, I need it at least for two weeks straight.”

Madame XXX admittedly falls in love quickly and out of love after 2 weeks. She claims boredom as the primary reason. She pictures life with a guy, everything looks and seems perfect. However, as she becomes more familiar with him, more she knows about his character and actions. She often becomes turned off and doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. The money, the good looks, the charm, whatever the guy may seem to have – qualities, doesn’t matter. “They maybe successful and good looking but I don’t really give a fuck. I would rather be alone then be with someone I’m not turned on by. I have my toys so they keep me very happy.”

Jealous? “I am jealous and possessive. I don’t actually care if a guy is with another girl but if I know about it, find out, then forget it. I don’t even want to know the guy from that point on.” Wam bam thank you ma’am. She doesn’t like to linger around in bed after spending the night, even if she is dating the guy. Madame XXX likes to get her final action in the morning and then begin her day with a smile. “I work hard for my life, I don’t need a man for anything but pleasure. Sure, I want to be married one day and have a family. I have never cheated on my boyfriends and I will never cheat on my husband.” But I was curious as to how she could ever get married after going to a sex party last week and participating. I mean, what “husband” is going to want that? I guess perhaps some liberal from Germany or Scandinavia. She responded, “I never participated at one of these parties before. I actually was just watching. There were 3 well known people in the film industry (not adult film) and I met a guy. We looked into each others eyes and I knew he was mine and he knew I was his. We had sex 8 times. I’m in love with him.” I think LUST is the proper word, personally.

It’s not a typical downtown night scene. Sex parties filled with celebrities, good looking twenty year old somthings with gallons of champagne and loud music all night in some penthouse. Or is it? The underground scene is more hardcore. Some people like clubs and going to restaurants, they have a few drinks, they sniff their devil’s dandruff (cocaine), hop in a taxi and think the party is just starting. Then they wake up with mediocre looking people next to them and wonder why they can’t find true love. I call them, the love seekers. But Madame XXX is NOT a love seeker. She is just an honest person fulfilling her lust or sexual desires to the fullest extent. She lives out her fantasies alone if she has to, which is more often during her travels. “I love my Rabbit, it is the best sex toy I have. Although I just purchased a Leela. I’m also enjoying it. I have turned 4 girls on to both of these toys.” Ironically, she finds herself giving the MOST advice to her girlfriends about relationships. Mainly the advice is how to keep the man while she herself is the one to find them, fuck them and forget them or kick them away as she puts it.

The dirties thing she has done but doesn’t really mind sharing? She had three men in one day. One was in the morning from the previous night. The second was someone she was dating so they had typical “New York Afternoon Sex”, you know? The kind of sex that you do in the middle of your work day and pretend you’re at a meeting or some important function. The third was her evening date for dinner. She just felt like having a little midnight night cap or cock. New word? NightCapCock? Not sure if that one will fly. End of the day (and there are many) we all want to curl up with someone special (some of us want to get violated by a good looking specimen – over and over and over…) and call it a night. Perhaps she is just doing what men have been doing for centuries. Perhaps this is the new generation of women on the sexual war path. Perhaps I need to get drunk with her this weekend!