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Nargis Fakhri, a hot and happy New Yorker who was a new familiar face in the Manhattan “scene” for a bit. As soon as she started to get into the social circus, it seemed she was off to start a more serious adventure in India. Born in Queens, this model turned successful actress is half Pakistani and half Czech, but full New Yorker. She is the type of girl who always has a smile and something positive to talk about whether bumping into her at an event or on the street somewhere in Soho. She began dabbling in the modeling world during 2004, but didn’t move forward with modeling full throttle until 2006 at the age of 26, which most would not attempt. Little did she know her career would change from photo shoots to filming Bollywood feature films in just a few years. It turned out to be a wise choice. By 2011 her acting career was in full swing in Bombay (Mumbai) as she was starring in feature films.

Nargis Fakhri GQNargis Fakhri in GQ India (above)

With fame and fortune her way through modeling and acting, RHS wanted to know “which” business is she actually in?

“What Business am i in? I’m in the business of Make Believe. LOL”

Rockstar-girl-Nargis-Fakhri-flaunts-her-hard-to-believe-figure-in-a-white-cutaway-swimsuit-in-the-latest-issue-of-a-GQ-magazine Nargis-FHM-5-792x1024 Nargis-Fakhri-Women-Health-Magazine-Cover-2012Likes and dislikes about acting and modeling:

“In modeling the dislikes would be that you are judged on your outer beauty and it’s just luck on how well you do? who really is to judge who is beautiful and who is not? beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But i do like the freedom and anonymity. As for acting, well that’s a whole new ball game and much more creative. you get to put your two cents in and actually use everything you got to give a great performance. But losing the privacy is not cool.”

Nargis debuted in the film ROCKSTAR in 2011.Her performance in the film garnered critical appreciation and earned her a nomination for Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut. Nargis was widely praised for her role of a war correspondent in a 2013 political thriller film Madras Cafe. She achieved further success for her leading role in a 2014 romantic comedy film Main Tera Hero.” Currently Nargis is a the brand ambassador for Reebok India.

nargis-fakhri-verve-2014-bollyupdatescom-01 nargis-fakhri-on-cover-of-cosmopolitan-aprilWith so many different looks and covers to go along with her beauty, it’s almost impossible to list them all. More recently her work has been out of India. But RHS was curious as to “where” she has worked/modeled before:

“Ha, where have i not modeled? In the states i worked in New York, Chicago and Miami. abroad – Singapore, Greece, Germany, London, Thailand, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand. these are countries lived in for about 3-6 months. As for jobs, well they were shot all over the world. some are places, like Maldives, Andaman Islands, Bali, Phuket, and various other places with in the countries i’ve lived. Its been one hell of a ride!”

nargis-fakhri-maxim-cover nargis-fakhri-marie-claireFavorite music:

“I don’t think i have favorites in anything. i’m moody so it’s based upon the way i’m feeling at the moment. I been jamming to Mackle more and Ryan Lewis, Chris brown and Rihana, Nicki minaj and adam hurst. i don’t think you could pinpoint which genre i would be into… i also listen to chanting and meditation music. I’m all over the place.”

Nargis-Fakhri-Filmfare-June-2014 Nargis-Fakhri-Elle-India-1 nargis fakhri maximLiving in Mumbai (Bombay):

“Mumbai is a dichotomy, which can be very exciting and interesting but can also be confusing and annoying. It’s unlike any city i have lived in. You develop a love-hate relationship. when you are here, you want to leave. but when you are gone, you miss Mumbai so much! you should come experience Incredible India at least once in your life!”

Nargis Fakhri actress 137India, fun things and down time:

“Actually i am just here for work and since work is so much fun, i’m happy when ever i’m working. When i’m not working, i take a million and one classes – Hindi class, Acting class, Traditional Indian Dance class, Bollywood dance class and then i watch alot of hindi films and they are 3 hours long so there goes my day! or i go to the pool at one of the 5 star hotels to swim and chill.”

Nargis-Fakhri-Hot-Maxim-Magazine-PhotoShoot-6When back home in New York:

“In NYC there is a ton to do, so i’m usually busy shopping, going out with friends, hanging around central park. NYC is full of surprises and amazing things to do. i hit up the museums, like MOMA, MET and Guggenhien or the Whitney. I’ll chilla round Union Square and take a yoga class or grab a coffee with some friends. sometimes i take in a broadway show. I Saw the book of mormon the last time i came to town… Hilarious! NYC is the ultimate playground for anyone from anywhere and any age group.”

74ossyoo50qhyso4 0e7ra61dnfixxidDiet changes from place to place:

“Yes it does change but not according to where I live. Cuisine changes with the different countries you live in but as for healthy eating or not, well that just depends on the mood I’m in.”

nargis-fakhri-workouts-in-gym-photos-stills_13 nargis-fakhri-workouts-in-gym-photos-stills_12Nargis Fakhri, the Reebok Brand Ambassador for India, demonstrates key stretches

With the body of a goddess and her ability to keep fit wherever around the globe she is working, she can feel comfortable with any diet.

Favorite beverage:

“I love Nimbu Pani or fresh lime soda, it’s so refreshing. It’s basically water with fresh lime juice and little bit of salt and sugar. Oh and I LOVE Coconut water. I drink about 6 fresh coconuts a day! Can’t get that in NYC or can ya!?”

Nargis-Fakhri-Latest-Hot-photoshoot-Pics-5Favorite place on the planet thus far visited:

“My favorite place in the world would be New Zealand. I love the outdoors and fresh air and New Zealand has so much untouched nature…. more sheep than people, i like that. it’s a big difference from Mumbai. I hope to buy some farm land soon and just make that my home.”

Nargis Fakhri LondonSomething quirky:

“hmm… i guess i’m am friendly to everyone and treat every person i meet the same… I tell a lot of weird jokes but many think i am funny so i guess that makes me approachable. that sorta breaks the ice.”

Nargis Fakhri New YorkNot too shabby for this hot and happy babe from Queens making life beyond the big city and her future on several continents. Sophisticated and humble, Nargis continues to dazzle cameras and fans in Asia, North America and Europe. We see her popularity and fame increasing as markets become more globalized not only from homogeneous cultures spread across different countries, but outside cultural appreciation for the “different” than mainstream Hollywood. Bollywood offers a nice alternative.

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