MELANIE RIBBE: Photos Provided by Zachary Ramsey

From Deutschland, there is at least one RED HOT babe in a bikini.  Hold on to your seats gentlemen.

From Western Europe a beautiful German not only gives great face, but sex appeal in swimwear and lace.  Melanie Ribbe is half German and half Dutch but prefers the shores of America.  Having started modeling at 16 when she won a national modeling search competition in Jamaica, where she was raised.  That’s correct, she was raised in that famous cash crop island of JAMAICA.  Of course we are referencing coffee.  Today, the sky seems to be coming closer to her reach.

“I’ve lived and modeled in Germany, Jamaica, Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, France & United States.  How did I end up in Jamaica?  We, my parents, just loved it so we moved there.” 

Melanie Ribbe 12 Melanie Ribbe 3 Melanie Ribbe 4“I’ve shot a few campaigns, magazines and got the honor to work with clients such Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, Guess, Macy’s, Beach Bunny, Marie Claire, Emily Cho NY, Cosmopolitan, etc.”

Melanie Ribbe 6 Melanie Ribbe 7 Melanie Ribbe 8 Melanie Ribbe 9“Modeling in general has always been a big passion for me, which makes me like many things about it.  I like fashion, photography, styling, make-up, traveling, transforming into different characters while shooting, meeting significant people in the Industry; to say the least.”

Melanie Ribbe 14 Melanie Ribbe 5 Melanie Ribbe 15 Mela Ribbe 28“6 days of the week I eat very clean; lots of vegetables & protein.  Sundays I have a cheat meal or cheat day. I love anything with truffle or cheese.”

Melanie Ribbe 16 Melanie Ribbe 17 Melanie Ribbe 18 Melanie Ribbe 19 Melanie Ribbe 20“I work out 6 days a week (sometimes twice daily because I like it), from boxing to running to yoga or pilates.”

Mela Ribbe 29 Mela Ribbe 22 Melanie Ribbe 13 Mela Ribbe 23“My favorite alcoholic beverage would be Wine. As most women would say, ‘I love Wine!’. My favorite non alcoholic drink would be coconut water out of a real coconut- Island Style.”

Mela Ribbe 27 Mela Ribbe