A hillarious comedy for the Fall

LOS ANGELES: Hollywood

Hollywood has been rolling out the hot movie premieres as the Autumn slowly rolls in.  Masterminds premiered this past week in Los Angeles and the star studded cast attended the red carpet movie premiere to promote their all too funny comedy.  Who was there?  Owen Wilson, Kristen Wiig, Zach Galifianikis and many more.

masterminds-movie-premiere-owen-wilson-hollywoodOwen Wilson

masterminds-movie-premiere-zach-galifianakisZach Galifianikis

masterminds-movie-premiere-kristen-wiigKristen Wiig

masterminds-movie-premiere-owen-wilson masterminds-movie-premiere-red-carpet-hollywoodPLOT:

“David Ghantt (Zach Galifianakis) is stuck in the monotony of driving an armored truck day in and day out, so when his work crush lures him into the heist of a lifetime, David’s all in. Despite a pack of harebrained bandits and an absurdly flawed plan, David manages to steal $17 million, and promptly hands it over to the gang — who just as promptly double-cross him. Forced to go on the lam, David must dodge the authorities and a hit man, and try to turn the tables on his untrustworthy comrades.

The movie opened September 30th nationwide.  Weekend box office sales came in a little under $7 million.  However, sales are sure to continue as this bright comedy gains momentum among viewers worldwide.

The after party was held at a nearby location where non sanctioned press photos were discouraged (so they can be manipulated) and where guests gathered to mingle with cast members.

masterminds-movie-premiere-party-catherine-hardwicke-marilyn-mansonMarilyn Manson (center)

Guests were eager to meet Marilyn Manson who attended the after party as self proclaimed iPhone paparazzi snapped a few non sanctioned shots.  A little bit of non sanctioned fun always helps lighten the mood!