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European women are known for their beauty and elegance, Marija Djuric is a prime example of this natural refinement.  Born in Belgrade, Serbia but traveling the world in the name of fashion, she continues to grab important gigs around the globe.

“I was born in Belgrade, Serbia.  I grew up in a traditional environment composed of my father, mother, brother & sister.  My grandmother also played a great role and was very involved in my education.  I was first ‘scouted’ at the age of 14 in Belgrade, but my parents were very reluctant to send their daughter abroad.  But it was too late – I was already hooked on it and knew that I wanted to be a model.  By the age of 18 I had several experiences in Belgrade and a year later decided to fly to Milan and start working as professional model.”

Marija Djuric red image_00018 Marija Djuric red image_1 Marija Djuric sexy image_00005 Marija Djuric sexy image_5 Marija Djuric sexy image_00004 Marija Djuric sexy image_00006Where have you traveled for modeling?

“Modeling has given me the opportunity to travel the world.  I have worked in Milan, Paris, Beirut, Istanbul…..  While writing to you I am currently in Hong Kong and will start working in few weeks in Singapore.”

Marija Djuric lingerie image_00008 Marija Djuric lingerie image_00003 Marija Djuric lingerie image_00037 Marija Djuric lingerie image_6 Marija Djuric lingerie image_00038Most memorable or favorite modeling job?

“My favorite job was the show for Missoni in Monaco 2010.”

Marija Djuric high fashion image_00012 Marija Djuric high fashion image_00015 Marija Djuric high fashion image_00031 Marija Djuric high fashion purpleFavorite designers?

“My favorite designers are Karl Lagerfeld, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Jean Paul Gaultier & Christian Louboutin.  My all time favorite is Zuhair Murad his designs are always feminine and full of attitude.  I can get enough!!”

Marija Djuric face portrait image_00001 Marija Djuric face image_2Publications and brands you have worked with?

“Elle, U magazine, Playboy and Grazia to name a few.  Designers – Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Missoni, Lacoste, Ermano Scervino, Cavalli…  too many to remember.”

Marija Djuric blue image_00027 Marija Djuric face image_00023Diet and exercise routine?

“I have been blessed with good genes but it doesn’t mean I don’t take care of myself.  When it comes to food I am pretty picky as I don’t eat meat and eggs.  I nevertheless enjoy fish, seafood, fruits and vegetables.  Most of the time I am busy with casting or work, so I am permanently running around and often miss either breakfast or lunch.  I try to hit the gym or exercise when possible.”

Marija Djuric polaroid image_00016 Marija Djuric  polaroid image_7Marija Djuric lingerie torso image_00035Away from the diet, favorite foods/desserts and alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages?

“I definitely have a soft spot for sweets.  I love chocolate and couldn’t imagine my day without something sugary.  Having lived in Milan for four years, I also greatly enjoyed Italian food.  As for alcohol, I try to be as reasonable as possible, nevertheless I do enjoy occasionally white wine.”

Marija Djuric fashion image_00021 Marija Djuric fashion image_00009Your perception of the modeling world based on your personal experience?

“The modeling industry is a serious business & lifestyle.  It requires great perseverance, discipline, patience and great energy.  If you are not minimally passionate about fashion, it may be hard to last in this industry.  The two main drawbacks that I can see are; one, some girls start modeling at a very young age in order to escape poverty and are getting mistreated and neglected.  I wish those girls could have better legal representation.  And two, The modeling industry gives young girls the pressure to acquire a perfect body type.  This pressure has unfortunately caused many of my friends to develop eating disorders.”

Marija Djuric torso image_00007 Marija Djuric sexy image_00002 Post modeling future career plan?

“Ideally I would to have my own business as I a have strong entrepreneurial fiber. Maybe in real estate or restoration… we will see.”

Marija Djuric image_00028What is something “quirky” or unique about you that is away from the high fashion glamor image?

“I take pleasure in cooking even dishes that I don’t eat. It may sounds ‘cliché” but taking care of my closest makes me happy.  I am as well an animal lover and I am currently involved in NGO’s protecting and helping defenseless animals.  I have a Chihuahua called Bobby that means the world to me.”

Marija Djuric torso image_00022Marija Djuric natural image_00034 Marija Djuric natural image_00033 Marija Djuric natural image_00032THE END