LIDIA VIDRENKO: Photos by Stefan Imielski & Yiorgos Mavropoulos

New York is full of lovely women from around the world.  It is only natural that another has arrived.

Lidia (Lida) Vidrenko, from Rostov-on-Don in Russia (Southern Russia near the Black Sea), has been modeling aggressively throughout the world.  She has recently taken up residency in New York and considers Europe her home but New York as her base.

“I have lived and worked in Tokyo-Japan, Shanghai-China, all over Europe – Paris, Greece, Milano, London, Moscow and Germany.”
Lidia Vidrenko + black + white + faceLidia Vidrenko by Yiorgos MavropoulosLida Vidrenko by Stefan Imielski

Which brands have you worked with or known magazines so far?

“I have worked with DKNY, Braun Buffel (Germany), have been in Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Joy Magazine, Hilton Magazine and done a variety of commercials.”

Lidia Vidrenko + model + Lidia Vidrenko + model + torso Lidia Vidrenko + model + portraitStunning natural coloring of her skin and hair is a photographer’s dream

For diet and workout Lidia says:

“I’m a vegetarian.  It’s the best thing you can do for your body to stay young and healthy.  For exercise I walk and run a lot.  I also like going to the gym and I swim all the time indoor and outdoors.”

Lidia Vidrenko + model + black + white + portraitLidia Vidrenko Elle Lidia Vidrenko Elle ModelLidia is fairly new to modeling, beginning of her career in comparison to much older or experienced models.  But already it seems she is on her way up.  RHS asked her what she liked most about the modeling world and career.

“I madly love art in any form.  So this means in pictures, architecture, sculpture and literature.  I think modeling is part of this world.  For me, the job gives a chance to see, compare and experience all different levels of life and in an artistic way.”

Lidia Vidrenko + model + hair Lidia Vidrenko + model + top + model + hot Lidia Vidrenko model green eyesWhat’s Lidia’s favorite hobby?

“I like this question actually haha.  I like to shoot, so I target shoot with different hand guns and rifles back home.  I’m really good at this.

I guess if modeling weren’t an option she could work in the CIA or FSB for her country.  A beautiful Russian spy-sniper.

Lidia Vidrenko + model + faceLidia Vidrenko photography by Bill Cost Lidia Vidrenko + top + model Lidia Vidrenko modelWhat about after modeling and your spare time?

“After modeling I am not sure.  Perhaps I will try to combine something, another career with it.  I can’t really imagine not modeling right now because I am lucky to be still very young.  In my extra time, besides with friends, I am volunteering with children.  I like projects with kids.”

Lidia Vidrenko bikini black white model