La Maison Cointreau was back in business this month with their location of choice set at The Broome Hotel.  The hotel recently opened on February 14, 2014 – Valentine’s Day.  this particular event thrown by Cointreau was a bit dry with limited libation selections and a non celebrity based attendee list.  A few years back it seemed that the company had spent a small fortune on launching a co-marketing campaign with incredible parties and performances by Dita Von Teese.  The initial venue seemed to hold around 1,000 or more people and the press surrounding it could be seen all over print and digital media outlets.  It is fairly obvious that the venues have decreased in size along with celebrity attendees.  However, the negative being said there is a positive.  The location coordinator, whomever that maybe be, has done an excellent job of scouting some of the most interesting boutique venue spaces.  This past location in Soho has been one of the most eye appealing as of yet.

La Maison Cointreau 2014 La Maison Cointreau 2014 La Maison Cointreau 2014A charming open air center section of the hotel

Certainly worthy of a mention, the hotel is slightly old fashioned and worth a few nights stay if given the opportunity.  With respect to Cointreau, some might argue that their taste has become more select or refined and perhaps that is their reasoning for eliminating more “blow out bash” type of events with high profile guests, models and people in the “scene” so to speak.  However, it could also be interpreted as budget cuts towards this sector of marketing.  Could they be winding down in anticipation of eliminating the events perhaps to put efforts towards a new concept?  Like the liqueur itself, it is more of an additive rather than a prime beverage compared to something like vodka.  There are limitations on what one may or may not enjoy with it all around.
La Maison Cointreau 2014 La Maison Cointreau 2014Rather than agree with what other media outlets have said, the event was a bit of a “bore” over all.  instead of collaborating with local business persons or creative types, it could be better just to throw a wam bam thank you mam type of crazy over capacity party.  Pairing up with a vodka brand might be more beneficial to attract attention and increase the drink menu – mixology awareness.  After all, it is a liqueur they are marketing.  so unless they have turned into a Public Relations firm and are receiving fees for collaborating with non alcoholic brands or persons, it really does not make any sense.