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The former Yugoslavia has given way to a variety of nations that pre-existed the Soviet structure.  To that end, Western culture is flourishing and one industry has capitalized on various natural resources.  Modeling, grown from beauty, has begun to capture the eyes of fashionistas around the world in the region.  Katarina Filipovic is an example of this genetic based business.  Stunning and capturing the eyes of fashion brands and agencies around the world.  Discovered at the age of 14 in Paris during a Metropolitan casting, she has kept on going.

“I’m was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia.  It’s one of my favorite cities in the world and a place where I still spend most of my time, because I can’t live without my loved ones!  It’s a young city, with great vibe and very special energy that I can’t find anywhere else in the world.”

Katarina Filipovic 40 Katarina Filipovic 39 Katarina Filipovic 33 Katarina Filipovic 44Where have you traveled and lived for work?

“I’ve worked in more or less all the big fashion centers.  Most of my time I spend in Milan, London and New York…  Besides that, I have worked in Paris, Barcelona, Germany, Tokyo and lots of other great places!  Lately I enjoy spending time in Athens, both for work and pleasure.”

Katarina Filipovic 20 Katarina Filipovic 43First big job that made you feel like a real model?

“My first job that I was really proud of was probably L’Oreal.  I always loved to do beauty and hair jobs.  I still enjoy them the most!”

Katarina Filipovic 38 Katarina Filipovic 41Katarina Filipovic 28Who are your favorite designers?

“My style is ever changing, so it all depends on my current mood.  Today I would choose Ricardo Tisci and Givenchy.  If you asked me yesterday it would be Oliver Rousting for Balmain.  One year ago probably Alexander McQueen.  I think style is something you should play with often.”

Katarina Filipovic 25 Katarina Filipovic 24 Katarina Filipovic 21Katarina Filipovic 26Which notable publications and fashion brands have you worked with?

“Vogue, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, L’Officiel, Grazia for magazines.  Bill Blass, Iceberg, Flormar, Goldwell, Bluegirl, Fendi, Missoni and many, many others… for fashion brands.”

Katarina Filipovic 23 Katarina Filipovic 19 Katarina Filipovic 18 Katarina Filipovic 17 Katarina Filipovic 16Weekly diet and exercise routine?

“Lately I started working out with a personal trainer three times per week, but quite heavily.  I have to say I achieve better results with the trainer than when I work out five times a week by myself.  I need someone to push me.  When I feel like relaxing, yoga is my way!  I don’t diet.  I eat healthy.  Lots of proteins, seafood and veggies are on my menu.  I’m lucky I’m not a big fan of sweets.”

Katarina Filipovic 45Favorite foods away from your diet and favorite alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages?

“My friends always joke about how I picked a wrong career, because my ultimate type of fun in life is trying out new dishes and eating in restaurants.  Gastronomy and restaurant review writer would fit me better.  I’m crazy about seafood, Mediterranean and Japanese kitchen.  My favorite drink would be red wine and lately I’m into Spanish ones.”

Katarina Filipovic 14 Katarina Filipovic 15What is your perception of the modeling industry?

“Everything has two sides in life, so does the fashion industry.  I’m a person who looks at the positive sides of everything, so I leave negativity to pass besides me. At the end of the day, this is an ‘industry’ as you said, and it means you can expect different kinds of people, stressful situations and rejection like in any other job.  I see it as a place where you can meet wonderful and talented people that you can learn a lot from and a great chance to build up your personality.”

Katarina Filipovic 10 Katarina Filipovic 9 Katarina Filipovic 11Any ideas post modeling for a career such as acting?

“I have many ideas about the future, although I like it, acting is not one of them.  I would like to try more business oriented jobs, like brand management or something similar.  But modelling is going very well lately so I’ll stick to it a few more years until I prepare my master plan on how to conquer the world!”

Katarina Filipovic 4 Katarina Filipovic 3 Katarina Filipovic 2 Katarina Filipovic 1What are some quirky qualities about yourself that not too many people know?

“Hmmmm…  I could say I’m a mixture of a gambler, cook and a make up artist!  By profession an art production manager.”

Katarina Filipovic 7 Katarina Filipovic 8 Katarina Filipovic 5Katarina Filipovic 30 Katarina Filipovic 27 Katarina Filipovic 31 Katarina Filipovic 46THE END