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Europe has long been known to be a breeding ground of exotic women.  After the fall of the iron curtain a treasure of beauty and femininity was released into the modern world.  The end of the Cold War resulted in the beginning of RED HOT negotiations to capture what is now the hottest generation of models coming out of the fall of Communism.  Carolina Gosiewska is a product of this beautiful model generation.
Caroline red hot red hot caroline model model red hot carolineCarolina just recently started her modeling career last year.  we asked her where she is from originally and how she began her newly founded modeling career.
“I’m from Poland.  Last year one of the models from the agency that I work for now spotted my pictures online, then he sent me a message with a proposition of setting a meeting for me with his agency.  I went to the meeting, they measured me, took some snaps and said they were interested.  They presented me a contract and after a few days I signed it.  That’s how it all begun.  I saw an opportunity in it and I was led by excitement and maybe a need for adventure.  Plus, my present agents were understanding when I told them that I study at a university and couldn’t be a ‘full time’ model.  That made my decision even easier.”
Carolina Gosiewska sexy Carolina Gosiewska street scene Carolina Gosiewska street scene 3 Carolina Gosiewska street scene 2 Carolina Gosiewska sexy 4 Carolina Gosiewska sexy 3“So far I worked as a model in Milan, Istanbul, Poland and Shanghai.”
Carolina Gosiewska fashion Carolina Gosiewska fashion 5 Carolina Gosiewska fashion 4 Carolina Gosiewska fashion 3 Carolina Gosiewska fashion 2 Carolina Gosiewska model Carolina Gosiewska model 2 Carolina Gosiewska model 3diet, exercise and sleep:
“I don’t have a special well planned diet.  I just eat healthy and follow a few simple rules.  I don’t eat at least three hours before sleep, drink lots of water, eat lots of vegetables and fruits, avoid things like butter, white bread, oil, potatoes and cake.  These are more like habits that I adapted even before modeling than a specific diet.  If it comes to exercise, I love all kinds of sports but most of the time I go for a swim, which I try to do at least two times a week. Sleep?  Well, it depends.  I cannot really say that I sleep everyday the same amount of time.  It happens that I sleep only three hours because I have to get up for work, casting or classes at university and the day before I went out or sat up and studied.”
Carolina Gosiewska sexy style Carolina Gosiewska sexy style 2 Carolina Gosiewska rockstar 2 Carolina Gosiewska rockstar Carolina Gosiewska glamour Carolina Gosiewska glamour 2 Carolina Gosiewska glamour 3the modeling “burnout” syndrome, late nights, multi men dating, drugs, too much alcohol.  Karolina’s thoughts:
“Yeah, all of what you mentioned happens sometimes and I witness it when I’m abroad for modeling.  But I guess you cannot do anything about it, models are invited to many parties, they are young and they sometimes make bad decisions.  I think it is a serious problem for very young models, even 14 years old, who are being sent to other countries to work.  They are also going out, drinking and that worries me sometimes.  but to be honest, it’s just the way it is and very young girls will keep on traveling cause the market needs them so there’s nothing we can do.”
Carolina Gosiewska sunglasses dress Carolina Gosiewska sunglasses Carolina Gosiewska sunglasses 3 Carolina Gosiewska sunglasses 2 Carolina Gosiewska sunglasses 4diving into the darker side of modeling.  men 20 years + or older trying to date you, shower you with expensive gifts and “sleaze and cheeze” their way into a relationship:
“Yes, I have been approached that way and indeed many older men try to date models.  Although, I don’t know personally any model who has that kind of relationship.  I don’t think it happens that often.”
Carolina Gosiewska swim 4 Carolina Gosiewska swim Carolina Gosiewska swim 3 Carolina Gosiewska swim 2do you enjoy modeling and what things do you like or perhaps dislike?
“Yes, I really do and that’s why I keep on doing it.  I think what I enjoy the most is the traveling.  Every time I go to another country for modeling I meet extraordinary people, experience beautiful moments and adventures.  Also, nothing can compere to the amazing feeling when you’re on a runway or you see the results of great photo shoot.  I really like it, it gives me the ‘rush’ and makes me want to keep going and reach higher.”
Carolina Gosiewska legs Carolina Gosiewska legs 3 Carolina Gosiewska legs 2If you had a magic credit card with unlimited funds what brands would you buy?
“Honestly I have no idea.  I’ve never really thought about it.  For sure I would visit Burberry and spend a lot of money on Dior cosmetics. :))”
Carolina Gosiewska style 4 Carolina Gosiewska style 3 Carolina Gosiewska style Carolina Gosiewska style 2Fashion brands or publications worked with so far:
“I worked for brands like Emilio Pucci, Clarks, Orange Magazine in Shanghai, Agathe Ruiz de la Prada, Selma State, Gul Agis, Gamze Saracoglu, Katarzyna Górecka and some others.”
Carolina Gosiewska polaroid 3 Carolina Gosiewska polaroid 2 Carolina Gosiewska polaroidSweet, simple and sexy – the end