LOS ANGELES: West Hollywood

Prince Chenoa and Jacob Dekat are not only back in business now for quite a while but also killing it.  It appears there are no tears after Lovecat Magazine meowed for the last time and Galore aka Kitten Galore, is purring like happy feline.  There were a lot of questions before several seasons past about the dynamic duo and “if they could make it.”  it appears that their talent has proven success with several supermodels and top models gracing several issues of their print magazine.  rumor is they are relocating to los angeles for a bit to take advantage of the untapped model and celebrity talent they are targeting.  we will see what transpires.  they held a party filled with local los angeles followers and a few guests from new york to celebrate their latest issue.  galore magazine is known to take a spin on traditional fashion publications as they don’t always go with the standard model “look” with height or weight being a focus.  the latest issue focused on the beauty of all women.

Galor Magazine party Prince Chenoa Jacob Dekat Galor Magazine party Kitten GalorePrince Chenoa, guest and Jacob Dekat

Craig Lawrence Galore Magazine partyCraig Lawrence (right) of One.1 Management and One Management

models Galore MagazineLocal flavour

20141015_221506 20141015_231040The lower east side style publication has made waves the last year showing that sometimes, “the proof is in the pudding”, on in the kittens.  we can only wait to see how the los angeles market will treat them as high fashion remains a bit of a mystery except for red carpet events.  with an increasing wave of shorter and willing to “show it all” models in the los angeles metro area, it should be exciting.

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