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Natasha Galkina is usually in London, New York, Paris, Moscow, Miami and Los Angeles throughout the year.  It’s difficult to follow this international beauty’s schedule.  We caught up with her recently and asked what she has been doing the last few months since in Los Angeles.

“I am working on a film project with one of the actor’s from the movie 12 Years a Slave.  That’s all I can say about that for now.  I am also modeling as the face and doing online promotions for brands like; Lolly clothing, Charles philip Shanghai and the rogue + The wolf jewelry out of london.  I model some swimwear lines also like Wild Orchid and walked in shows for minimale animale, wildfox and bcbg.  I try to keep busy.”
Natasha Galkina face

Your body is out of control, what are you doing to keep fit?

“I have been working out quite a bit this year with a personal trainer.  I hike, box, jog, take yoga and even weight train.  This is pretty much every day, at least one or two of these activities.  LA is the place to have a nice body.  you can see everyone tries to be fit.  for me it is also my career so i double it up”

Natasha Galkina bikini Natasha Galkina back full Natasha Galkina backWhat about for stress relief?

“I mainly go to a spa and get a massage or enjoy a sauna.  I also get facials quite often.  These are a must for relaxing.”

Natasha Galkina lingerie Natasha Galkina swim Natasha Galkina windowBesides working out what is your diet these days?

“Diet is no sugar or artificial products.  I drink very little soda or alcohol, to the  point I can really count how many per month.  I drink a lot of water, eat fruits, very simple ones like apples or even bananas.  Basic fruits do the trick when I am hungry.”

Natasha Galkina yellow topWhat do you think is more important if you had to pick, diet or exercise?

“Rest!  Rest is the key because the body needs to regenerate.  I don’t always get enough but I try!”

Natasha Galkina full body Natasha Galkina chanel Natasha Galkina sitWe mentioned before that Natasha has been helping to use her hot model looks to help promote new and boutique brands online such as The Rogue + The Wolf Jewelry (check out their website) out of the UK.  This is a growing trend with sexy models who have tons and tons of followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (check out her links).

Natasha Galkina one pieceWhat about the guys, any trying to pick you up at party or Whole Foods?  The Whole Foods seems to be the popular hot pick up place in New York and Los Angeles these days for some reason…  What do you think they are attracted to?

“No men are picking me up at Whole Foods, I guess I missed that chance hehe.  More at restaurants I guess.  many approach, even though i try to avoid attention by looking serious.  My life is chaotic – traveling, working and most guys are looking for a one fun night stand.  I want a connection if anything and intimacy, not a fun or one night stand.  As far as attraction, it is always physical for men first.  When they see I have a brain then some get confused.  Sometimes it’s a bit too much when they approach often at the gym or somewhere.  I have received some love notes bordering crazy.  LA is the place for this.”

Natasha Galkina red Being in Hollywood, you mentioned some film projects you have been a part of recently.  Can you talk about these?

“I had a cute part in the Amber Heard and Kellan Lutz movie Syrup.  I played a honey-trap for for a billionaire in the beginning of the movie from this scene Shiloh Fernandez’s character gets his idea for success.  It was fun because we shared the same trailer with Amber and found out we had friends in common.  She is a very smart and funny person.  Back to the aggressive men topic earlier, I asked her if she had any stalker types in LA.  Thank God she said no.  Well, I am not so fortunate!”
Natasha Galkina green side profile Natasha Galkina green bikini Natasha Galkina green top“I am also in the process of filming a movie called GIA and I play ‘Gia’.  Basically it is an independent feature written by Bruce Hickey and produced by AltaVista Productions.  It’s very exciting!!”

Natasha Galkina red lips Natasha Galkina looking RED HOT

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