Why does New York have so many beautiful women? This is a mystery, sort of.

It isn’t a mystery that New York has beautiful people and beautifully dressed people. Women take their looks and lifestyle “seriously” no doubt. From day to day, any man can walk out onto the street and see a “live” fashion show of beautiful women from every corner of the globe. Why and how are they here in one of the toughest and cosmpolitan cities on the planet? Well, there are several answers to that question as well. Not all of those answers are appropriate for parents to hear. But this is another topic. The focus here is on the “exterior” of the women residing in New York. The exterior being one of the finest the world has to offer. I was having a conversation with a few gentleman lately who told me “you have to go to Russia, the women are unbelievably beautiful and if you go you are not going to want to come back.” Well, I went to Russia and when in Moscow the guys there were telling me “you have to go to Ukraine, if you go to Ukraine, you are not going to want to come back to Moscow or to New York, the women are the most amazing.” Well, I didn’t go to Ukraine.

I stayed in Moscow and realized ALL the women want to come or ESCAPE from there TO New York, Miami or Los Angeles . Funny I know, but also a bit sad. So is New York just a stepping stone or pit stop for beautiful women who are models and actresses? Or coincidentally, is the gene pool just spitting out more “attractive” ladies and coincidentally they are all flocking to New York for work, shopping, pleasure and the dream? The dream of making it not only in the USA but as Frank Sinatra said, “if you can make it here you can make it anywhere.”

Or perhaps all the jobs are being offered at this moment in New York and the market is just being flooded with model and model types from all over the world (because the gene pool is spitting out more attractive females this generation, don’t forget).

I checked the airlines to see if it was cheaper to fly IN to NYC vs. flying OUT of NYC, thinking that perhaps there could be some sort of “promotion” to stimulate beautiful tourists and models to travel to New York. But there wasn’t any such discounted fare for beauty. I did find out that models do receive preferential rates at hotels as low as $100 per night for rooms that normally would cost $500 per night. This is impressive. I mean, should attractive or beautiful people (models) be given discounts because of their “looks”? Does this mean if you are “ugly” that perhaps you should pay double? Is our society, is the world’s society based on “looks” and money? Probably to a certain extent it can be categorized as such a world. After all, we judge on which schools, which careers, which agencies, which neighborhood and even which part of the world individuals come from. These beauties are coming from every corner.

Whatever the reason and it really doesn’t matter, the city is full of extraordinary looking women and they keep coming and going day after day and month after month. I guess when such a city filled with shopping, restaurants, nightlife, art, theater and a bunch of wealth, gorgeous women are sure to flock to this city one way or another to experience, capture, find and see it all.