Berlin is surrounded by the beauty of nature (and the autobahn) filled with trees, grean meadows and female model wildlife similar to North America.

Julia Frühling is a native to Heidelberg, Germany – which is situated between Frankfurt and Stuttgart.  She wanted to capture her own images in the countryside and villages near Berlin this Autumn.  The light and flush colored grass meadow provides an untouched essence of raw nature capturing an innocence of Julia in the light of day.

Photo series in green meadow by Wanda Badwal


Even in the countryside near Berlin, the day burns away as twilight turns into evening and Fall festivities begin.  The only question is, what to do?

Black + White portraits by Dieter Mingram


The light of day has recharged her beauty as she prepares for the evening agenda.

Photos by Sebastian Hundt


Night time arrives as darkness cloaks the innocense of the light of day, bringing with it a cool wind, a bright burning fireplace, warm greetings and the calls of Oktoberfest.