GENTS AT KITSON Hosted by Josh Henderson & Melissa Boloña

LOS ANGELES: West Hollywood

Kitson on Robertson Boulevard launched GENTS with hosts Josh Henderson and Melissa Boloña to help push the already popular brand through the night.  Sponsors included Svedka vodka and Peroni beer along with an “eclectic” group of party goers.  

Gents Kitson, E.J. BowmanE.J. (Jennifer) Bowman and guest

Gents Kitson, Melissa Claire EganMelissa Claire Egan

Gents KitsonGents KitsonGents KitsonGents Kitson, Dr. Randall HaworthDr. Randall Haworth (right) and guest

Gents KitsonRenowned for its impressive celebrity clientele such as the Kardashians, Alicia Keys, Heidi Klum, and Channing Tatum, Kitson’s main goal (as written on their website) is to provide ALL customers with a chic fashion sense and a true LA experience.

Gents Kitson Gents KitsonGents Kitson Gents KitsonProclaimed as a celebrity hot spot, Kitson is the go-to fashion boutique dedicated to pop-culture and created for fashion enthusiasts around the world.

Gents KitsonGents KitsonGents KitsonGents KitsonGents Kitson