LOS ANGELES: Beverly Hills

Michael Scott, self made entrepreneur and social captain of Beverly Hills, isn’t your typical Los Angeles/Hollywood industry business mogul. He doesn’t talk about film crews or movies as conversation pieces nor does he try to allure women into liking his already charming personality by promising film roles. It’s not his style and he’s not in the industry. Originally a New Yorker, he is the kind of guy who made his fortune off of regular brick and mortar type industries. Never really cared to try to be one of those “Hollywood types”. Well traveled and highly educated, he throws back to the community and his friends through charitable donations and fun gatherings for those in his inner circle. To be direct, he is a no bullshit guy who enjoys having fun and possesses the means to make sure that his guests are equally enjoying themselves. I could end the story here, with just that phrase, but there is so much more to illustrate.

Michael ScottThe Baron of Beverly Hills, Michael Scott enjoys a lavish party at his estate

In the world of Los Angeles (Hollywood) where almost everyone is full of shit (or in training to becoming full of shit), he rises above it and is the real deal. His über-famous mansion is not easily accessible for just anyone. Behind the 25 foot gated residential community, army of guards (swat team style), personal estate barrier-gate (20 feet) and a little white guard dog that resembles a “puppy” (it licked someone to sleep apparently, dangerous) – there is a social code. The code is simply, private guest list only. It’s addictive, the dinner parties, weekend summer gatherings and special mid afternoon events. Living just below the clouds yet above the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, his estate has become one of the hottest private venues to attend if so lucky to be on the guest list.

Michael Scott, Russell Simmons, Soo Yeon LeeRussell Simmons discusses Ping Pong with champion and model Soo Yeon Lee

Michael Scott, Elle EvansModel and actress Elle Evans waits for her refill

So much more exclusive than going to some public venue where some HAMSTER (Hooker Actor Model Stripper Trainer Entertainer Runaway – we acquired this acronym via a transplant from Geneva who loves to give her opinion) is giving you attitude (not letting people in the door or just rude) because they are pissed off their Hollywood dream isn’t going correctly (government is hiring still I think). The idea of socializing with educated, ATTRACTIVE and well experienced individuals about any topic on any level at his estate seems to be the win scenario (did I mention attractive? Just want to reiterate that point).

Michael Scott, Lana H. KirataLana H. Kirata (right)

Michael Scott, Estella Warren, Camilo HimActress Estella Warren and photographer Camilo Him enjoy the ambiance

It’s rough being king. The castle, the lifestyle, the admiration and the occasional jealousies that come into play or thoughts by some individuals on how the king should be living his life (opinions are allowed in a democracy). But truth be told, it is just simply the envy that comes out of some hidden place that makes a feeble attempt to be heard. In the end, there is no keeping a good man down and a gentleman knows this to be true. Hosting peerage from British aristocracy and Saudi Royals, the acclaimed Michael Scott Mansion has tickled the ears of want-to-be visitors on various continents.

Michael Scott, James Edwin Parker Birmingham, Prince TurkiJames Edwin Parker Birmingham and a discrete Saudi Royal pretend to be bartenders for a round

But there is also a creative aspect involved. With such a scenic setting, Mr. Scott encourages the right photographers (some of whom are long time friends) to utilize the meticulous backdrop for their always photo setting hungry shoots. Thus, his estate has been indirectly featured in countless magazines, online publications and advertisements as part of the overall generosity.

Michael Scott, Mila Kaladjurdjevic, modelTop Model Mila Kaladjurdjevic blesses the camera with her beauty

Michael Scott, Natalie Gal, Natasha GalkinaSupermodel and actress Natalie Gal waits for her virgin cocktail

Michael Scott, Mansion, Photo ShootMichael Scott, Eugenia Diordiychuk, Katie Fey“Take five” for Eugenia Diordiychuck

Michael Scott, modelsMichael Scott, Marina Masowietsky, Mila KaladjurdjevicMarina Masowietsky is shy as not everyone enjoys being published

Michael Scott, Rosalind LipsettIrish top model Rosalind Lipsett prepares to sip her citrus nonalcoholic beverage

But it’s more than just a bikini, martini, crostini, fettuccini, bellini and linguini extravaganza (often has tahini). It is a social spot, a networking forum for people, smart people, to make contacts and further some sort of interest on occasion. Not for everyone but for some guests there have been projects created, contracts signed, business obtained, introductions made thankfully and overall a sense of “connecting” created over a few light cocktails under the sun. I mean, could it happen at the local restaurant in West Hollywood whilst sitting next to a table where Tom Cruise is having some vegetable dish? Sure, it can and it does happen everywhere from FatBurger to offices up and down Wilshire. However, to attend a social event purely organically, with intentions to only have “fun” and walk away with an unsolicited business idea, connection or introduction is certainly a bonus. The equivalent in the public sector but heavily or privately screening its attendees would have been the famous Bungalow 8 (closed-the new No. 8 has yet to measure up) in New York or the Rose Bar in it’s infancy (another public venue with privately guarded door policies). Vincent Tchenguiz (London) could take a few lessons from Michael Scott’s fun-spa formula. Although disliked by many (Vincent) I certainly had several good nights at his Mayfair townhouse. The New York, Miami, St. Barth’s, South of France (or wherever his mega motor yacht is in the world) equivalent might be Michael Saylor. But then again he (Michael Saylor) seems to hire assistants to organize his fun (so much money he pays a team to be creative for him – we like his parties also).

Michael Scott, mansion, beverly hillsA relaxed real estate mogul, Angelina Kwong, chats with a colleague

Michael Scott, Mansion, partySo all you need is your own mansion, a ton of contacts (in every social background), charisma, a few envious talkers (it’s all press, good/bad) and flair for being a world famous host. if you can’t do that yourself, then I suggest you find a way to make it on the Michael Scott guest list. Or, go to Hollywood and sit in a lounge where anyone can get in provided they spend the “required amount” dictated by the HAMSTER. Not everyone is meant to be lounging around a beautiful, vibrant and full of energy estate with interesting (don’t forget attractive, very attractive) people from around the world.