LOS ANGELES: West Hollywood

There is a phrase in America, “Italians do it better”, which we have seen on countless t-shirts and coffee mugs.  But for the moment, it looks as if this particular Italian does do it better, as in showing off her beauty and sexy physique.  Francesca Ruocco comes from Rome and began her TV and modeling career only four short years ago.  A late bloomer.  Another phrase says, “better late than never.”  Better is for certain as she is making a career in modeling for television, skin care, regional magazines and impressing her fans along the way.

FrancescaRuocco3 Francesca Ruocco side shot Francesca Ruocco sexy Francesca Ruocco bedFrancesca Ruocco faceTravel for work:

“I travel a lot for my job, mainly to England, Paris, Brazil, Switzerland, Miami and all around Italy.  i live between Rome and Milan.  I love London !!!!  I would like to live and work there permanently.  It is an amazing city.”

Francesca Ruocco bikini beachFrancescaRuocco11Francesca Ruocco hot top Francesca Ruocco hotDiet and exercise:

“I eat everything but I prefer fresh fish, mixed fruits, vegetables, cereals and I am in love with cheese cake with strawberry haha.  I swim almost everyday and play tennis several times per week.  I prefer this to a gym.  I guess I am lucky to eat and stay in shape.”

FrancescaRuocco10FrancescaRuocco8FrancescaRuocco15Francesca Ruocco whiteFrancesca Ruocco-socksFrancescaRuocco14Bad habits:

“My favorite drink is beer!!  sometimes sparkling white wine but not champagne ahaha.  I don’t smoke and I hate cigarettes.”

Francesca Ruocco legs spreadFrancesca Ruocco sexy selfieFrancesca Ruocco hairFrancesca Ruocco fashionFrancesca Ruocco doubleLatest work:

“My last few jobs were in Sardinia on the beach and I loved it.  I shot with great photographers.  I worked as a model for a POINT BREAK remake…   ready next year and I worked for Super Tennis TV network.  Maybe they will take me back again ;).”

Francesca Ruocco adFrancescaRuocco12FrancescaFrancesca Ruocco sexy beachFrancescaRuoccoFrancesca Ruocco green top sexyFrancesca Ruocco beachLikes or dislikes about modeling:

“My job is amazing because I have the opportunity to go out of my country and see beautiful cities around the world and meet wonderful people.  The traveling is what I really like the most about modeling.”

Francesca Ruocco-lingerieFrancescaRuocco2Personal:

“I am a very positive person ,full of friends.  I adore lounge music, I am in love with every kind of animal in earth and swimming in the sea.  I love sushi, dancing, reading and traveling of course.”

Francesca Ruocco legsFrancesca Ruocco sexy toplessFrancesca Ruocco Green swim