It’s easy to get lost in the City of Angels with respect to going out. So many areas, so many places (all closing by 2am), so many police waiting to write out DUI tickets and so many logistics putting everyone together in a convenient place. Well, Los Feliz is probably not convenient for people dead center in Beverly Hills going towards Venice Beach. It’s close to Hollywood, Downtown, Echo Park, Silver Lake and Hancock Park. Often overlooked, the area falls short to many of the “trendy” places of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. We find that to be a HUGE BONUS. Figaro Bistrot is one of those places tucked away on North Vermont Avenue that probably the majority of Los Angelinos (transplants from the Midwest) and tourists rarely hear about.

Figaro Bistrot + Los Feliz + Los AngelesYou won’t find one of those short haired, shiny skinned guys with a bunch of “B” list models huddled around a dinner table that looks like something out of Las Vegas. You know the type, bright, over plush, bold colours and good looking servers with attitude? If you want that trying-to-be-cool-scene, this is not for you. Figaro Bistrot offers a very good quality menu (we had the lamb) and wine selection (we went with the house Bordeaux) considering we are in Los Angeles. It is quite unique to see such a place with ornate decor and along an older tree lined street boasting an ambiance that is similar to New York or London for French Bistrot style (won’t say Paris because every Bistrot in Paris is a French Bistrot. As I was also told in Malibu, every rum in Malibu is Malibu Rum). But getting back to “cool”, those guests who understand what is cool will understand the nature of the place. Not to sound snobby but didn’t we in New York and London sort of invent “cool” anyway? So that be said, I approve.

Figaro Bistrot + Bar + Cafe + Los Angeles + Los FelizLooks, feels and tastes French

The bar does incorporate some California wines (naturally) and I did detect a Quebecois accent somewhere… Besides those points, it is a great place to chill out and have a glass of wine, watch the people stroll by and forget that you are surrounded by tens of thousands of motor vehicles all preventing you from arriving on time to your calculated destination (10 minutes with out traffic, 45 minutes with traffic).

Figaro Bistrot, Bakery, wine, French, LA, Los Angeles, Los FelizThe ├ęclairs tasted as good as they look

If you want a place to converse with friends at night or get some work done on your computer in the afternoon, this could be the spot (mais, sans le wi-fi). All that’s missing are black Lincoln Town Cars or Mercedes with drivers out front and it would be just about picture perfect…

Figaro Bistrot + lounge + Los Feliz + LA + Los AngelesFigaro Bistrot + Los Feliz + Los Angeles + LA + French + restaurantIf in the area or just feel like something with a little more substance, drop in.