We heard Don Hill’s was re-opening for one night and one night only and it sounded fun.

The first words that come to mind are “sweat box”.  Yes, do they have air conditioning in this place?  I know Don Hill’s and expect plastic cups, even a broken glass (if they have glasses) and always expect loud vibrant bands.  But a party without air conditioning on a HOT twilight of summertime night, not good.

Patrons cool down with liquor provided by sponsors of Cole Haan

Ok, enough complaining.  There was an attractive downtown crowd on hand.  Supermodel Hilary Rhoda managed to position herself quietly in the corner.  Door traffic was jammed with the overwhelming response (riot) of confirmed and unconfirmed attendees.  “Don Hill’s, I’m at Don Hill’s”, I heard someone saying on their I-Phone, “come down I can get you in, just tell the door girl you are with me.”  One thing is for sure about this party, there wasn’t any shortage of alcohol (or plastic cups).  I think this is what also exemplifies Don Hill’s because if you hear about a party at this space, you know it’s going to get fairly wicked (and sweaty).

Kristin Whalley of Cole Haan

The lovely Kristin Whalley, who works with Cole Haan, generously coordinated cocktails for an eager crowd (yes, our crowd) having just trekked all the way downtown from uptown or Timbuktu (I detest going beyond 23rd Street-honestly).  It was an interesting mix, Cole Haan at Don Hill’s.  Conservative meets rock and roll radical.  It was a different mix and one can certainly feel that this was the end of New York Fashion Week.  Livers shot, headaches cured by consuming additional alcohol.  The mini or temporary alcoholic syndrome to be cured only by a long weekend of relaxation and vitamin infused liquids (maybe one or two glasses of champagne).  It is still summer after all…