Hollywood takes a group of pretty American women and puts them in Cape Town, South Africa for a new reality series. One sexy blonde stands apart.

Katy Johnson is from Boone, Iowa and currently resides in Los Angeles. The starlet has worked in modeling and acting all over the United States in Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Detroit and Minneapolis. Also to Europe in London, Paris, Scotland – back to the US Virgin Islands and Jamaica, then to Johannesburg and Cape Town. She received her first big break at 18 one week after just visited Los Angeles for possible work.

[highlight_1]”When I was 18 I went out to LA to network and luckily met Keith Lander the 1st week and shot Maxim Czech Republic’s cover.”[/highlight_1]

Not bad at all considering all the competition of pretty blondes circulating around Hollywood. Now she is on a new show, Clifton Shores, which consists of 13 episodes which were all filmed in South Africa. I would have thought the producers would go for a local group of women. But they were going for the beauty and targeting an American audience ultimately.

[highlight_1]”They actually casted in LA and Vegas as it was a show shot in South Africa, but made for an American market. They shot it in Cape Town because it’s absolutely beautiful there…..The show premiered on August 23rd in South Africa and is doing great.”[/highlight_1]

Photo by Ryan Astamendi

“I am the mean, outspoken girl on the show. I channel ‘Kristen Cav’ from the television series,’The Hills’ :). I’m just brutally honest :P.”

I supposed that makes total sense since Katy mentioned it is the same Director as The Hills who directed Clifton Shores. Or, perhaps she is just brutally honest and sexy which makes her the one who stirs it all up. After all, don’t beautiful people have the right to light a fire? Or at least throw gasoline on it? I mean, who doesn’t love an explosive and dramatic situation?

Sexy trouble maker

Photo by Rob Gregg

A fiery blonde hanging around the beaches in Cape Town has a nice visual effect. It sounds good enough for me to watch a few episodes to see if this angel’s (dark angel) acting skills are as good as her looks. Speaking of looks, Katy lives a very healthy lifestyle (it’s contagious in Los Angeles) which contributes to preserving her beauty.

[highlight_1]”I don’t limit any sugar, however I do not eat meat, just fish. I try and stay away from most animal proteins – eggs, milk, cheese, etc. I only drink once per week at most. But I love my candy or sweets and for me taking red meat out of my diet really allows me to eat most of what I want. I also have very good genes as I don’t work out that much. :)”[/highlight_1]

“I love Corona, or most beers for that matter. On a night out, I drink just Grey Goose on the rocks…. I don’t like any of those fruity girly drinks. As for non alcohol, I almost always just drink water, sometimes OJ if I feel I need a little Vitamin C. No soda-pop whatsoever.”

Must be the vodka on the rocks that keeps her shape so firm

Photo by Rob Gregg

Well Katy shared how her modeling career began. I was very curious how she got into the Hollywood scene and career.

[highlight_1]”As for movies and acting, it wasn’t ever my plan to be an actress but one day my agent called and asked if I wanted to be an extra in Transformers 2 for one day. Turns out on set I met Micheal Bay. I was so scared of him because he was screaming at everyone, but he ended up liking my look and featuring me. I came back and worked four days. From that I became enrolled in SAG and then from there starred in 2001 Maniacs Field of Screams, Night Fall and had other featured roles on TV shows such as; Monk, CSI Miami and Vegas. I did music videos and body doubled for Brittany Spears in her Womanizer video. I did a Butterfinger commercial with Erik Estrada – my childhood crush, KFC commercial, Kodak, MTV promo with Tyga and the list goes on….. My latest gig is starring in ‘The Shores’ aka ‘Clifton Shores’. I also do a lot of presenting in the UK for Karbon TV and for the football (soccer) team Scottish Celtic. I love that. 🙂 I will also be in FHM South Africa next month so I’m excited for that as I love posing for Lad’s mags (non nude). I’ve been on the cover of Maxim, Max and Girls Gone Wild Magazine. I am shooting even more in the next two months but I can’t give those away yet! :)”[/highlight_1]

Photo by Michelle George in London, United Kingdom

Well obviously the acting and modeling is working out. With her steady work schedule circumventing her around the globe, she doesn’t have to think about an alternate career. But I was curious to see what she “might” have done in a parallel work world.

[highlight_1]”Well, I went to college with a criminal justice major and Spanish minor. I wanted to be a police officer and then a detective; obviously it’s good to be bilingual. My first career choice as a kid, however, was to be a mechanic. My uncle raced cars so I grew up in the garage. I loved it. I can still remember how to do all the basics, oil changes, tires changes, brake pads and tune ups. My uncle and Grandpa taught me well. Plus, contrary to popular belief, I like getting dirty. :)”[/highlight_1]

A model mechanic with high heels and a perfect body. This is a new one for the RED HOT record books. There is nothing sexier than a girl that can take care of her own machinery. A refreshing thought.

Photo by Sara Kiesling

Photo by Taylor Tupy

[highlight_1]”I am a huge goof ball. I love doing impressions of characters from films…. Sméagol from Lord of the Rings is my favorite. I have an amazing coin collection. I still play the Oregon Trail on my Ipad lol. I love dinosaurs and I collect American Girl Dolls. I’m a serious kid at heart and if you met me I can gaurentee make you laugh by acting ridiculous or making some crazy face or weird animal noise. I’m a huge goofball and no one expects it. It’s awesome meeting someone new and speaking like a cartoon charactor and shocking them! haha.”[/highlight_1]

It was a pleasure getting know the beautiful “goofball”. Clifton Shores airs October 7th on TVGN, but additional videos about the show are now on YouTube.

Check out Katy Johnson in action below in the promo video for her new show Clifton Shores and her work with Karbon TV.