LOS ANGELES: West Hollywood

We previously featured Alexandra Tyler (last name Abercrombie) a few seasons back.  Since then she has been tearing up the modeling world with her raw sexual looks and “I go to bed at 10pm and don’t drink” demeanor.  Sweet, perhaps that’s why we appreciate her character.  Yes, she goes to church every week and the secret to her all so seductive looks is not just her baby fresh youth at just 19 years of age, but her somewhat innocent behavior that is refreshing to us jaded New Yorkers and Londoners alike.

Marc Adrian + ALEX_DUNES_H3D__0084_BW_WebVersion Marc Adrian + ALEX_DUNES_H3D__0486_WebVersion Marc Adrian + ALEX_DUNES_H3D__0158_WebVersionOriginally from Sacramento in Northern California, she has been residing steadily in Los Angeles for almost 2 years while spending a couple of seasons in New York.  She won’t admit it but we think she prefers the warm climate and blue skies of Southern California.

Alexandra Abercombie + Russ Elloway_MG_3269 Alexandra Abercrombie + Russ Elloway 1422507_608643205861606_964628027_n Alexandra Abercombie + Russ Elloway_MG_3375-2 Alexandra Abercombie + Russ Elloway_MG_3276-2

We asked Alex what has been happening over the last year since back in LA.

“I’ve landed a few campaigns in the last year! Von Zipper, Volcom, Kate’s Swim, Jacqueline Conoir.  Steadily working more then the year before.  That’s all I can really ask for.”
Alexandra Abercrombie + Ian Maixon Alexandra Abercrombie + Ian Maixon 6 Alexandra Abercrombie + Ian Maixon 3 Alex Abercrombie + Russ Elloway_MG_4984_1-3“I make a living Modeling and I still love it.  I spent 6 months in NYC last year and worked for L’Oreal, walked about 8 shows for Fashion Week.”

Alexandra Abercrombie + Ian Maixon 5 Alexandra Abercrombie + Ian Maixon 4 Alexandra Abercrombie + Gail Bowman IMG_8008 Alex Abercrombie + Gail BowmanIMG_7726Alexandra Tyler possesses such a wide range of looks it is easy to see why she mentioned acting might be a strong option for her.  Besides having a young sexual raw beauty, she has the outgoing personality that one might find so often in actors.

“For 2014, I’ve decide to stay in LA for most of the year and concentrate on acting auditions.  I’m now represented by a talent Manager for Luber Roklin.  I get to go on the most amazing auditions.  My goal is to act and model.  I want superstar status, haha.”
Alexandra Tyler + Ricardo Garcia photographer Alexandra Tyler + Ricardo Garcia photographer 3 Alexandra Tyler + Ricardo Garcia photographer 2“I still rarely go out…  maybe I’m boring…  I don’t know but I’m focused.  I have milestones that I want to reach. I position myself to get them.  I believe in longevity in this business if I work hard.”

Alexandra Tyler + Ricardo Garcia photographer 11 Alexandra Tyler + Ricardo Garcia photographer 10 Alexandra Tyler + Ricardo Garcia photographer 9 Alexandra Tyler + Ricardo Garcia photographer 7One thing we noticed was her hair color.  It certainly changed from a natural chocolate brown to a very wild blonde.

“My hair, my mother agency, Photogenics Media in Los Angeles, suggested a change.  I was all for it because it’d open different doors.  I can see that clients see me differently even though I’m the same person and I love that.  I want to be a chameleon so I’m open to change.”

Alexandra Tyler + Ricardo Garcia photographer 6Alexandra Tyler + Ricardo Garcia photographer 8 Alexandra Tyler + Ricardo Garcia photographer 5 Alexandra Tyler + Ricardo Garcia photographer 4