Carina Bucspun: Photos by Hans Joachim Schmidt

From Russia with love to Hamburg, Germany.  This entrepreneurial-model-student is making her mark.


Carina Bucspun of both Russian and Romanian descent (from Russia), resides in one of Germany’s fashion and model capitals, Hamburg.  Having only started modeling recently (due to school) she has a quick eye for beauty.  She admits that only Caipirinhas can slow her down, as her addiction for them is strong (hope she doesn’t end up in AA).

Fashion model

She has the model look

[highlight_1]”I am modeling, but also study civil engineering and second focus is urban planning.  I also created Trashy Muse, where I work as a photo agent.”[/highlight_1]


Lingerie model?

Model life

Photo by Hans Joachim Schmidt

[highlight_1]”I am not dieting, just jogging and little bit sport activity.  I love pizza, honestly. I also try to avoid eating lots of chocolate beause it’s not good for teeth, but I love it.”[/highlight_1]


Model beauty

Fashion models need rest

Carina Bucspun top model

[highlight_1]”About modeling, some get inspired by beautiful things. I like the combination of history and fashion. I especially enjoy meeting great people, this inspires me. What I hate?  This business is often unfair and false.”[/highlight_1]


Model style

She is strict with her model diet

[highlight_1]”I am a little bit of a chaotic queen sometimes, but that often inspires people at work, thats why they call me Muse.”[/highlight_1]


Sexy or Trashy Muse? Perhaps both…