BEVERLY HILLS: Tennis Invitational 2013

LOS ANGELES: Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hills Tennis Invitational for 2013 finally wrapped up on the 19th of May.  Players from New York, Los Angeles and around the world flocked to sunny Southern California for tennis and networking.  The Pro-Am competition is more than just winning points but a major catalyst for socializing and kicking off summer earlier in Los Angeles before the rest of the country.  The tournament began in the beginning of May with summer festivities whilst the rest of the nation hinges on Labor Day to start the traditional summer fun.

Beverly Hills Invitational Tennis, Heinz HaasTennis Pro and instructor Heinz Haas wraps up for the day

Australian resident of New York City, Heinz Haas (Tennis Pro) gave a few words, “It’s a great time of the year in one of the most gorgeous places on the planet.  You can’t beat Los Angeles, there’s not a better place to play tennis and mingle with some of not only the most important people in California or the USA but the nicest.  I’ve literally played all over the world and every time I come to Los Angeles the conditions are absolutely perfect, always.”

Beverly Hills Invitational Tennis, Heinz Haas, Michael ScottHeinz Haas and Beverly Hills resident Michael Scott

Players, sponsors and spectators come together for the individual competitions throughout the week and celebrate on two separate weekends.  The final weekend celebration marking the end of the tournament was held at the estate of Beverly Hills resident Geoffrey Palmer.  The greater Los Angeles and Beverly Hills business community comes together supporting the event every year and also take the opportunity to network with players and various attendees.

Beverly Hills Invitational Tennis Beverly HIlls Invitational Tennis Tommy Chong, Beverly HIlls Invitational TennisTommy Chong (right) at the Geoffrey Palmer finale event

Beverly HIlls Invitational Tennis Beverly Hills Invitational Tennis Beverly Hills Invitational TennisHeinz Haas (right)

Beverly Hills Invitational Tennis Beverly Hills Invitational TennisCassie Moore (far right)

Beverly Hills Invitational TennisBeverly Hills Tennis Invitation Geoff Palmer