Live music, cocktails, cigar-club seating and the tastiest pizza this side of the Atlantic.

Hard to believe, in Central London there is such a place that will make pizza lovers question if this British Italian eatery might have set a new standard for excellence in Italian food and atmosphere. It’s an unusual concept with live entertainment, high backed leather cigar-club seating, hand painted murals, a transported kitchen from Naples and in the very much trending area of Soho.

B-Soho London Pizza Napoli Naples Sipping a glass of Sangiovese, listening to live entertainment and people watching is often good enough for a Saturday night. Similar to New York, Londoners enjoy their Monday through Thursdays and like to vegetate on the weekends. B-Soho is definitely the place for authentic Italian food, wine and an unpretentious crowd.

B-Soho London Pizza Napoli Naples It’s not the flashy “sceney” place that makes girls put on 4 inch heels, low cut tops and high raised skirts hoping that they will see Prince Harry or the next Hollywood A-lister. It’s cool, funky and chic. Call it “modern Bohemian with a touch of elegance” built for repeat business based on quality and ambiance. Easy to avoid the smoke and mirrors since they import 100% of their ingredients from Italy. Yes that’s correct, the flour, the meats, the cheeses, the produce, even the water used to make the doughs are all imported direct from Italy. This is a place for food and wine lovers who want to spend a semi-casual evening with friends, family or future “fling” (ok, you don’t have to be flashy to impress). This place is about the ingredients first, packaging second.

B-Soho London Pizza Napoli Naples Go with the Don Piccante – bottom

B-Soho London Pizza Napoli Naples B-Soho London Pizza Napoli Naples B-Soho London Pizza Napoli Naples Yes, it’s as good as it looks

B-Soho London Pizza Napoli Naples B-Soho London Pizza Napoli Naples

If you are in the area, have a gander in and try it for yourself.