THE ARTIST: Moscow Launch

It opened March 1st and we were there.

Two stories and about 19,000 square feet of dancing, lounging, bars and sexy ladies walking around in exotic outfits.What an amazing piece of work this place is to see and be seen. With several bars located on the dance floor and inthe lounge area, we explored and frequented all of them. Each bar “themed” or sponsored by various liquor companies for the opening night, Russian Standard for example, had their own labeled or dedicated bar. We nestled up in the corner table behind the champagne bar which boasts a 14 foot champagne glass chandelier. That’s right, the normally “crystal” structure is made up of upside down champagne glasses in place of the crystals. Very convenient if they run out of glasses I assume. Next, we checked out the upstairs area which hosts a sleeker New York or London style “lounge” yet open to view the entirety of the club. The upper lounge is covered in plush black leather sofas and seats with an assortment of beautiful women and guys that like to wear “jackets” (it’s a Moscow thing). I can only gather that men who wear jackets are looked upon as having a healthier “wallet” and in this BRIC country which has pockets of the first world and fields of the third world, wearing a dressier blazer tends to attract the ladies. I will say, there were some non attractive men wearing jackets who were with psuedo-supermodels that didn’t speak English well.

Perhaps the best thing about not speaking Russian or perhaps the opposite sex unable to speak English (which is quite frequent or common) is that you are not going to waste much time wondering if they are attracted to you or not. Regardless of language ability, if they are interested they will motion in as many other ways as they can to convey their message to you. Yes, all things do come down to the movement of the lips and tongue, not only in language. I must be speaking about food right? I don’t even want to get into the same late night or morning menu that can be found all over Moscow. I will say that the sushi, in comparison to New York, is three times “larger” than what you would find in any I have seen thus far.