ANDREJ PEJIC: Birthday Night Out

Sweet 21 and ANDREJ PEJIC celebrated with champagne and style.

Put Andrej Pejic, Rembrandt Duran and their friends in a room.  Mix in top models Kira Dikhtyar and Hana Nitsche, with a dash of ScallywagAndVagabond Editor-in-Chief Christopher Koulouris, you have a party (naturally, the party started late).  Did I mention caviar and karaoke?

Andrej Pejic hosted an intimate pre-dinner party at Mari Vanna

Of course, nothing better than having a little bite of Russian food at New York’s famous post Soviet delight, Mari Vanna (wait, isn’t Russia our enemy again according to quotes at the Republican National Convention?  Or perhaps that is media driven Democratic rhetoric).

Rembrandt Duran and Andrej Pejic show their skills in the kitchen

My favorite quote of the night by one of Andrej’s crew:

[highlight_1]I think we are going to need more champagne!!![/highlight_1]

I’m just happy no one sliced their finger in the kitchen preparing that vegetarian dish.  The kitchen was jam packed with all of Andrej’s guests coming to view the two master chefs at work.

Champagne and Russian cocktails followed post dinner at Jelsomino

Kira Dikhtyar made her way to Jelsomino prior to Andrej’s arrival.  She wasn’t crazy about the champagne due to her hectic fashion week schedule. What can say about this beauty that you can’t see already below?  Exactly…

RED HOT Kira Dikhtyar

Of course, RED HOT-SOCIETY can’t go anywhere without Hana Nitsche.  She likes when I tease her about her accent.  But I was too busy staring at her lingerie top to do any talking, just gawking.

RED HOT Hana Nitsche

ScallywagAndVagabond’s own Christopher Koulouris came in clean shaven and in top form (he must be getting some action).

Christopher Koulouris (left) and music producer Chris Young (right)

Andrej Pejic and Ginza Project partner Sasha Poline

Rembrandt Duran upstages the competition

Andrej Pejic shows what singing is all about

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