ALESSANDRA POZZI: Photos Provided by Marc Hervouet & Elena Kuznetsova

Paris is known for it’s beautiful streets, decorated buildings, tasteful food and of course, beautiful women.

Born in Paris, Alessandra Pozzi is no exception to that rule of beauty and good taste the city offers.  Born to an Italian father and French American mother, she grew up in both Italy and France.  She was scouted on the streets of Paris at the age of 16 and has been been modeling around Europe and America shortly there after.

“I was scouted at the age of 16 on the streets of Paris, went to the agency, they wanted to sign me but the condition was to lose some weight.  I was a teen and had some extra pound to lose.  I also had to finish school.  I was one year ahead of the class so I graduated at 17.  After school I started modeling right away.”

Alessandra Pozzi paris france model beauty Alessandra Pozzi Paris France top model whiteAlessandra Pozzi + fall fashion Alessandra Pozzi + Paris + high + fashion + model Alessandra Pozzi + top + model + ParisSophisticated, sultry and sexy

“I have been going to many places like London, Milan, Barcelona, Athens, NYC, Munich, Bucharest, Paris, Varsovie, but never been to Asia.  When I started in Paris I was supposed to model in Tokyo, but didn’t happen for some personal reasons. I’m now based in NYC with Major models.”

Alessandra Pozzi model red Alessandra Pozzi paris red hot Alessandra Pozzi red hot Alessandra Pozzi high fashion model Alessandra Pozzi high fashion model Paris New YorkRED HOT – literally

Modeling LIKES:

“What I love the most is traveling.  I have had the opportunity to discover a lot of places at a very young age permitting me to realize that NYC was where I want to live for the moment.  I meet incredible friends and people everywhere in the world I can rely on.  Everywhere I go now, I’m almost sure that I will be well surrounded. 🙂  Fashion is something I really do care about even before being involved with modeling.  So working with talented people is a big opportunity.  I love watching them work, create ideas and achieve amazing pictures or videos by working all together.  That’s art.  I’m really creative, artistic, always painted, played piano and did ballet for years and still do.  I also did a big comedy movie in Italy called MATRIMONIO A PARIGI.  I love art in every senses, musical especially classical music, cause I’m really sensitive.  I do love every type of music of course and I’m passionate about Impressionism – love going to the museum by myself.  So modeling for me permits me to express myself and my sentiments trough pictures even if I’m not talking.”

Paris Alessandra Pozzi Art expression

Modeling DISLIKES:

“The fact that people are not always respectful and can sometimes treat you like you are unimportant.  The lack of respect can hurt a lot.  It forces you to be strong cause you get criticized everyday.  Being alone when you travel in countries you don’t know anyone.  Although for me it’s easier cause I am independent and an only child, used to being solo.  Model apartments were really tough as well, full of models from all around the world, living on bunk beds with sometimes two bathrooms for 20 girls – especially during fashion week.  The diet can be tough when your not the typical skinny tall girl.  You gotta be really careful and its not always easy.  Also, being free anytime of the day or night when your booker calls you, so its really hard to plan anything in advance.”

Alessandra Pozzi + fashionDIET:

“As my mom is French and my dad Italian, I have a good food culture – maybe too good actually haha.  Especially for my work.  But what I love the most is eating healthy and I’m not saying that to pretend something.  It’s really true.  Would you believe me if I told you I never ate a burger in my life?  Well I never have.  I actually tasted Coca Cola for the first time at 17 years old.  My mom always fed me with fresh juices, fish and fresh veggies.  So I’ve never been tempted by all of that junk food.  I of course love forbidden food but for me it would be like a fruit tart from the French bakery or croissant or pasta or fresh baked potatoes or good wine, cocktails.  But I need the food to be ALWAYS fresh haha.  You will NEVER see in a McDonald’s!!  I know it sounds crazy.  Maybe one day I’ll try.  So in the morning, I get fruit and coffee.  LOVE cappuccinos, but they gotta be really well done for me to appreciate them!  I like apples and blueberries a lot. Then could be fish and veggies (or chicken breast, zucchinis, spinach, salads) My obsession since I’m a kid is French Green beans.  I could eat that all the time lol!  You guys in America don’t really eat that kind of veggie and when I’m in NYC I’m always trying to find good ones.  Unfortunately it’s retty hard.  I drink tons of kusmi tea detox and snack on dry fruit or apples or smoothies.  Dinner is pretty much the same as my lunch.”

Alessandra Pozzi + lingerie + fashion + new york Alessandra Pozzi + polaroi + lingerie Alessandra Pozzi + lingerieGood food must equal good body

Recognized BRAND work:

“I shot for brands like Cop Copines (French), Olcay Gulsen, Guido Lombardi, I did the Mini Cooper campaign, chocolate Mars Delight campaign, Neutrogena, Kickers, Easy Hair, Jacques Dessange, Saint Algue, Rene Furterer – hair dresser.  Worked for Madame Figaro Magazine, Jeune et Jolie cover (French magazine), Hotel Costes Magazine, Gala, Be Magazine (French) Harpers Bazaar, Book Moda, Gioia Magazine, Elle Japan, Cosmopolitan, Papercut Magazine, Jessica Code, cover of ALEM Magazine (Turkish)…  Runway:  Louis Vuitton, Catherine Malandrino, Bebe, Zuhair Murad, Joahanna Mastroianni, Jeremy Scott, Betsey Johnson, Raul Penaranda, Nina Skarra, Leila Shams, Sunhee, Katie Gallagher, Douglas Hannant, Falguni & Shane Peacock and Liu Jo.”

Alessandra Pozzi France Alessandra Pozzi polaroid hot model Alessandra Pozzi top model Alessandra Pozzi Recommend a younger sister or family member to MODEL?

“If she has a strong character, personality, has the potential and especially if she wants to give it a try – I would totally recommend her to follow her dream.  Just keeping in mind that this job is not easy and can leave you with nothing if you don’t know how to manage your finances and don’t have any degree, certificate or other interests.  Graduating with some degree is essential before starting modeling seriously.”

Alessandra Pozzi top model Alessandra Pozzi + model Alessandra Pozzi modelAfter MODELING?

“I want a familly, that is something really important for me.  As an only child, it was tough to grow up alone, so I would like to have kids… not only one 🙂  Besides my family, I would totally see my self as a booker.  I know models, how they feel, how they are, cause we lived together.  They are my friends and I am one of them.  I see every day the hard work of my bookers worldwide to get us jobs, solving problems ,scouting girls all around the world.  The hard decisions they gotta make every day.  Such an incredibly interesting world…  I would LOVE one day to be on the other side and take care of all of these new girls… The girl I was when I started.”

Alessandra Pozzi  + Ellen Von UnwerthAlessandra and the Legendary Ellen Von Unwerth

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