Aleksandra Eriksson: Photos by Marcel Indik

Aleksandra Eriksson (some call her Alexa, I call her HOTNESS), born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden – of Russian decent (that’s a new one). 

Based in Los Angeles, Aleksandra prefers warm climates, where she can maintain her tan and good looks.  She started modeling at 15 working in London, Paris, Athens and New York.  Although she has never lived in Russia, she is fluent in the language.  A vegetarian, with the exception of fish, she is strict with her nutrition.  Aleksandra is in to fresh cocounut water (straight off the tree, on the rocks of course) and avoids alcohol – except for wine for special occasions.

I asked her if she was naughty or nice and ‘m still waiting for the answer…

Enjoying some sun after a full day of coconut water therapy


Wearing ACME, Swedish design

 It’s a rough life

She has the model look

Test shoot