Linnea Eriksson: Photos by George Livieratos & David Benoliel

Is it possible one of New York’s beauties is NOT from Eastern Europe?  It appears so, yes.

Linnea Eriksson is from Bollnas, Sweden a lovely town (about 166 miles North of Stockholm) where Summer is full of light for about 22 hours and the winters are equally as dark in time.  Scouted about four years ago in Sweden, she quickly modeled/moved to Athens, Milan, Tel Aviv, Hamburg, Miami and now New York.  She loves the seasons and the clean air of Sweden (I agree) is a semi-vegetarian as she enjoys fish – seafood (what Scandinavian doesn’t?) and loves wine and champagne (again, what Scandinavian doesn’t?)  She is multilingual in English, Swedish, Norwegian (by default Danish) and some German.  What else?  Oh, she is hot…see below.

Model life

She prefers Rolls Royce to Chevrolet…or is it a Ford?

Room service 610, a double please…

Pure model beauty

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