VAGA Magazine: Andrej Pejic in the House

“Check out that hot blonde, wait a second, is that a man?”

We have all heard stories about BangKOK and other foreign “tales” in Asia (all puns intended). But what happens when the game switcher is more feminine than some of the most attractive women in the world? You would have to ask Andrej Pejic (below on left) as he (or SHE as his psuedo-publicist “Rembrandt” quoted-pictured below on right) would have the answer to that question. We ran into him at the VAGA Magazine party Thursday night at Sway (which I thought had gone under years ago). According to Wikipedia, Andrej “An Australian Model (was) born 28 August 1991 in Tuzla, SR Bosnia-Herzegovina, SFR Yugoslavia. He is notable for his androgyny and his ability to successfully model both male and female clothing. In the Paris fashion shows of January 2011, Pejic walked both the men’s and women’s shows for Jean-Paul Gaultier and the men’s shows for Marc Jacobs. In May 2011, Pejic’s magazine cover for the New York-based magazine Dossier Journal — in which he is pictured taking off his shirt with his long blond locks in curlers — was ruled too risqué by US bookstoresBarnes & Noble and Borders, which covered the image with an opaque sleeve. Concerns were expressed that customers would mistake him for a topless woman.

As of September 2011, he ranks no. 18 on the Top 50 Male Models list, and he was ranked no. 98 in FHM magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011, an “award” that was criticized for its hostile tone to transgendered individuals. FHM subsequently removed the copy accompanying Pejic’s entry and posted an apology.”

Quite the show stopper I would say and as you can see from below, difficult to distinguish at first glance what is really being seen.

An unusual style and certainly looks that have sparked controversy (imagine having fame and ridicule for simply being born as “yourself”). We invited him and Rembrandt for a champagne dinner and interview at our famous hang out, Mari Vanna. We will keep you updated.