AHEAD OF HER TIME: Barbara Bouchet

Who? New and provocative, considering she was born over half a century ago. Barbara Bouchet was definitely ahead of the game and a sex symbol pioneer.

“Barbara Goutscher was born in Reichenberg (born 15 August 1943), in the Sudentenland (Czechoslovakia), in what was then (Nazi) Germany. After World War II her family was placed, along with many others, in a resettlement camp in the American Occupation Zone in Germany, from where they were, in time, able to apply for, and be granted, permission to emigrate.” A woman with beauty and sensuality decades beyond became a famous actress and social figure during some of the most formulative years – socially, in the USA.


Barbara at 40 years old still producing covers…

She was in the original Casino Royale where she played the all to well known character Miss Moneypenny and appeared on the famous Star Trek television series and in The Gangs of New York.

Too bad I wasn’t born in 1943 like her…we could have dated

After tired of being “typecasted” in Hollywood she moved to Italy (apparently true male chauvanist behavior was not in Italy at that time) where she began to co-star in Italian films.

Can’t understand why she was typecasted…

Barbara showing her assets…way “back” then…

Truly amazing, in 2012 many are still examining Barbara’s beauty and wondering how she could be so chic and modern, so advanced for her time, trapped in an era that seemed all too “dead”. Barbara Bouchet is still alive today (could be Diane Von Furstenberg’s sister now), we hope she doesn’t take any offense. Truly a beautiful woman in her prime and far superior sexually-physically to so many women in modern society.

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