SUPRINA ZAHRAEI: Photos by Scott Shisler

Beach babes are the way to go and California seems to possess the some of the most beautiful females from around the world.

Suprina Zahraei, raised in Los Angeles, California – she brings new meaning to the world SEXY.  Starting her career at 16 years old after landing her first bilboard, she hasn’t slowed down since.

Joshua M. Shelton

Photo by Scott Shisler

Photo by Scott Shisler

“My diet is very healthy.  I eat all protein, no carbs and love raw foods.  I crave Oreos on top of pizza and a burger in between 2 crispy cream donuts, but I don’t dare!!  I’m addicted to veggie juice, all kinds.  I drink only vodka on the rocks or a smooth red wine.”


Not sure about the Oreo pizza combo or the burger between donuts, but I like them all separately.

Photo by Scott Shisler

Some beaches are better than others – photo by Joshua M. Shelton

Joshua M. Shelton

But it isn’t all beauty and sexual attraction for this stunning brunette:

“I’m the Co-Founder of RAWwTHOUGHTS – a branding and distribution company that specializes in Health Foods and corporate promotions.  When I’m not busy modeling or marketing I love engaging in outdoor activity.  I’m into outdoor rock climbing, rollerskating, 12 years of Salsa, cha-cha, ballroom and Belly dancing, and in the Gym 4 days a week only weight training!  I’ve got 4 hours of flying time with 2 takeoffs and 1 landing on a prop plane under my belt.”

Model beauty

Photo by NickG

Model look

I love being in front of the camera, the glamour and fashion of it all.  What I hate are the PRETENDERS in the industry i.e… the ones who say, ‘I can make you famous because I’m so’n’so…’  But if I wasn’t a model I would be THE #1 Female Black Jack Player in the country.  When away from Blackjack I would be running a non-profit foundation for animals.”


Fashion model to lingerie model

Photo by NickG – laundry unknown