She's got the look.

LOS ANGELES: Venice Beach

Born in Sao Paulo, Bianca Ruiz represents modern Brazil. She’s a sexy mixture of Spanish, Hungarian, Italian and Serbian. With such a RED HOT mixture, it’s only appropriate that she is in the modeling world.

What type of modeling category would you place yourself in, fitness, fashion, lingerie?

“Gratefully I work in a large scale or range of jobs – from catwalk and editorials to commercials, swimwear and fitness.

Which countries have you visited for work or lived? And which are your favorite places?

“Nowadays I’m based in Los Angeles, California. But I travel often to New York often for direct jobs. In Europe I’ve worked in Paris – France, Milan – Italy and Lisbon – Portugal. In Asia I’ve worked in Tokyo – Japan, Seoul – South Korea and Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia. In South America I’ve worked in Brazil and Argentina.”

Favorite designers at the moment?

“In my personal opinion, the best way to do a look is to be able to mix up smaller boutiques, popular brands and bigger brands (when accessible). I love the bigger brands and I like to treat myself sometimes with special items, but I feel lucky whenever I find local boutiques with great styling and quality in their clothes.”

What’s your personal fashion style – comfort, elegance, sport?

“I do not have a specific fashion style, it truly depends on my mood each day. I love dressing up for special occasions, looking elegant, empowered and impeccable. But I don’t do that everyday. I like to keep the ‘Wow’ of it.”

What does your diet and exercise routine look like?

“I have a full time nutritionist who focus on model’s diet, she sends me specific recipes for each week. It takes time to prepare the meals and organize my food each day before leaving home. You will often see me with my bottle of water and my snack lunch box. The results are great and it’s completely worth it. My body feels healthy having a routine and eating nutritious meals, I don’t like trying crazy diets.”

Sweet cravings?

“During the week I’m very focused on my diet and workout routine, but on weekends I allow myself to guilty pleasures and eat whatever I’m craving most in small portions. I have a sweet tooth. Gelato and fondant au chocolat are my favorite. But I love homemade cakes, my mom does the best carrot cake.”

Favorite beverages, alcoholic or non alcoholic?

“Freshly squeezed orange juice is by far my favorite beverage. I drink lots of water, tea and love strong shots of espresso. I hardly drink alcohol, only in special occasions, so a good wine or sake is perfect for those moments.”

What are a few things you enjoy about modeling?

“Traveling used to be the most enjoyable part of modeling when I was younger and I do still love that part. But in this stage of my life what I appreciate most is getting to know the people I work with, understanding their passion about what they do. I like to make my jobs friendly and fun, I’m very energetic and I love being silly, making jokes and keeping the energy up. I care about my job and bringing the outcome the client has in mind, so I always give my best each day even when working everyday Monday to Saturday.”

What are a few aspects of modeling you don’t like?

“The modeling industry has changed a lot along the years, now followers and likes are part of our work. It matters to clients. At the same time it became a new tool for our industry, there is a lack of guidance and teaching models the best ways to engage and grow your social media business. As models we are always rushing to jobs, casting and travelling; creating content, posting at the right times and learning what you can offer to stand out takes time and it’s hard to juggle both.”

Sleep habits?

“My best sleep is a full eight hours, which is perfection for my body, mind and energy level. Whenever I’m not working I wake up at 7am, that’s what works best for me, I like having a routine.”

Your idea of a good model vs. a bad model?

There is no such a thing as a “bad model” or a “good model”, but there is professionalism, respect, boundaries, hygiene and being on time. The bonus is to be able to bring out your best even when you are tired, having a good personality, being able to understand what the clients wants to achieve and adapt.”

First big job that made you feel like a REAL model?

My first big job was a catwalk for Louis Vuitton, it was my international trip and my very first job there. I realized then that the universe has big ears, set your mind to your goal and give your best, you will achieve it.”

Fashion or commercial brands you have worked with?

“To name a few I’ve worked with Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Steve Madden and Rachel Zoe. I’ve shot commercials for Uniqlo, Samsung, Mitshubishi and San Miguel beer. I feel honored for each brand and each client who hires me, allowing me to represent their brand. Finding things to be grateful for is part of my daily routine.”

Which notable publications have you been in?

“There are many magazines that I have featured on; different countries have their known magazines. But worldly known by name is Elle Girl (cover), Elle and Vogue.”

Any plans for acting?

“I’m very happy to say that I’ve just shot the Uniqlo worldwide commercial, which will be released in 2018.”

Anything quirky about you?

“I love writing and inspiring people. I write most what wish someone have told me during my hard times, what I have learned in life, what I feel important to remind myself of. I practice yoga and I’m also a yoga instructor. I love wakeboarding, snowboarding and skydiving.”