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What do young girls want to be when they grow up besides a princess? A model perhaps or a famous actor. Maybe a successful designer in some sort of fashion city. Well, this girl is barely grown up at 22 and has successfully mastered three careers (she could be a princess or a duchess but that is still a secret) in her native France. Solweig began modeling at the age of 15. She was a photographer’s assistant, as she describes,

“I began modeling at 15. I was a photographer’s assistant in Paris. He took some pictures of me and sent them to agencies. This led me to acting which I started at 19 with a top cast but they were one person short. They were looking for a model to play a leading role.”

Solweig Rediger Lizlow + model + photoSolweig Rediger Lizlow + top model + New YorkSolweig Rediger Lizlow + Pauline DarleyI asked her which brands or major magazines she has worked with:

“Many, I mean this is my job for 7 years now so… Philippe Stark/Mac Cosmétique/L’Oréal/Calvin Klein/Chanel/i-D/Tatler/Elle/Glamour/Vogue/Nintendo/Madame Figaro/Twist etc…”

Solweig Rediger Lizlow - couverture-de-madame-figaro-pocket-avec-637x0-2Solweig Rediger Lizlow Newsletter32_invite_01 Many, I mean this is my job since 7 years now so.. Philippe Stark/Mac Cosmétique/L'Oréal/ Calvin Klein/Chanel/I.D/Tatler/Elle/GlamourSolweigh Rediger Lizlow Capture di╠üE╠Çcran 2011-10-03 ΓÇí 10.31.38 Solweig Rediger Lizlow + black and whiteWhat was your role on the television show?

“I was A Television host for the most famous show in France, Le Grand Journal, for one year and it aired every evening. I played the main role of Le monde a ses pieds / Flesh Mister Flash / Corporate Occult / BWGH / Nintendo / 212 VIP by Carolina Hererra / Philippe Stark etc…”

Solweig Rediger Lizlow + top modelActing or modeling?

“They are so different. Modeling is easy for me now. after 7 years I understand everything and I love it. but acting is, at least for me, a passion and something really personal. hopefully I can do both with the same pleasure.”

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Where does the outgoing personality come from and natural ability to act?

“I experienced a lot of trouble in the past. everything seems ridiculous now. I love life, people, meetings. I’m curious about everything around me. The simplest things make me happy. But the thing I like most is to make people happy and make them laugh.”

Solweig Rediger Lizlow Pravda NYSolweig Rediger-Lizlow hanging out at Pravda with owner James Huddleston

What’s the idea behind your nose ring?

“Because of modeling, it’s forbidden to have any tattoos of piercings. But this one is easy to hide inside when I want. That’s it. And of course because I think that it looks good on me!”

How about your modeling diet?

“I eat everything. I’m lucky that I can’t gain weight. But the thing is, you have to eat when you are Hungry and not because you want something. of course your diet has to be healthy. I really love vegetables, roasted poultry and french meals. I discovered last week s’mores, my life is completely different right now.”

And your workout or exercise routine?

“I love sports. I practiced riding for 10 years and I tried many sports like: Hockey/HandbalL/Basketball/Karting/Rugby etc.. I love when it’s manly men sports. of course I do Bootcamp here once a week.”

Solweig Red Hot Society natural Solweig Rediger Lizlow + Paris Solweig Rediger Lizlow + actor + model Solweig Rediger Lizlow + polaroidThe jewelry collection, CAPSULE, how did that start?

“One year ago a jewelry designer asked me if I would like to make a piece for her. I was surprised by the proposition. I worked hard on it for one week and I drew not only a piece but a complete collection for her. It was one of the most amazing experiences i ever had.”

Where does the inspiration come from?

“From space movies and films I love. Alien and Dune are two of my favourites. I love science fiction and the mystery of space. I mixed both for my collection.”

Of course, Solweig models for her own collection called CAPSULE.

SolweigXCharlotteMartyr_web3 SolweigXCharlotteMartyr_web4 SolweigXCharlotteMartyr_web5 SolweigXCharlotteMartyr_web6 SolweigXCharlotteMartyr_web2 SolweigXCharlotteMartyr_web1Solweig mentioned that her collection is manufactured in France for the quality. Already she has received tons of press on her collection in magazines such as Elle and Marie Claire. I asked her what would be her focus in New York or would she need to try Los Angeles if pursuing acting,

“It’s strange, I grew up in France but I feel at home here in New York. I’m here to work in modeling and acting. New York offers the opportunity to meet a variety of enormously talented people. I want to enjoy and be a part of it. If I have opportunities in los angeles I’ll go with pleasure. I’ve spent some time there and I love it. for now, I will follow my intuition and opportunities.”

Solweig Rediger Lizlow + jewelry Solweig Rediger Lizlow + fashion Solweig Rediger Lizlow + actressHow about your travel experience?

“I traveled a lot thanks to my job. London, Milan, Lebanon, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Spain, Germany etc… But I really think this is my favourite place here in New York. I’ve never felt better in a place than in this citY. Here I feel safe, people are friendly, well-behaved and I really like the architecture.”

What is your fashion style?

I love Wang, Acne, opening Ceremony, Chanel, Steve McQueen and YSL. I love leather, suds, original pieces and platform shoes.”

Solweig Rediger Lizlow Solweig Rediger Lizlow + model Solweig Rediger Lizlow + Pour Madame Figaro, le patron du "Grand Journal" de Canal + et sa Miss MÈtÈo se prÍtent ‡ un joyeux shooting glam. Solweig Rediger-Lizlow : Black cool, combinaison pantalon, (Stella McCartney chez Montaigne Market), corselet en vinyle, (Louis Vuitton).  Mise en beautÈ Dior par Elise Ducrot. Coiffure Vivian Girard. RÈalisation Albane Gravier. Solweig Rediger Lizlow + Paris + model

Being in the United States gives you some anonymity vs. being in Paris. Nobody really knows you are a French celebrity. How does this make you feel?

“I feel so good. I can do whatever I want here. I can walk my dog ​​in pajamas and no makeup if I want. I can walk down the street alone. I rediscovered a simple life and I love it. But here people are different with celebrities. they are much more respectful of privacy. In Paris people are intrusive and sometimes dangerous for my safety.”

Advice for young aspiring models?

I wish I could have finished my studies. so I advise to finish before trying to become a model. This career is hard. There’s a lot of sacrifice, time and work. If you do not like to be physical and exercise, then this job is not for you. do not starve yourself to become a model. it’s too dangerous for your health. most importantly, surround yourself well.”

Solweig Rediger Lizlow + Grape and VineSolweig Lizlow at Grape & Vine for Frederick Lesort’s birthday party

Wise words for a young woman who has accomplished more at 22 in three separate careers than most do in their entire singular career. The “Supergirl” could be the beginning of an entirely new generation of overachievers flocking to places like New York, Los Angeles and London.