SANDY LEDDIN: Photos by Daniela Glunz

From Germany arrives a beautiful starlet upon the studio runways and high fashion pages of New York.

Sandy Leddin, born and bred in Hamburg, Germany – she recently relocated to New York City in 2010 (don’t most beautiful women?) and is enjoying every minute of it.  She is represented in New York by One Management and Innovative Artists.  Between being a high fashion model jetting around the world from location to location, she still finds time to be just “herself.”

[highlight_2]”I have a Yorkie named Paul, who travels with me most of the time.”[/highlight_2]

Sandy Leddin RED HOT Sandy Leddin RED HOT Sandy Leddin RED HOT Sandy Leddin RED HOT Sandy Leddin RED HOT Sandy Leddin RED HOTHow did this exotic German beauty find her debut?

[highlight_2]”I was scouted in Hamburg while having coffee with friends.  It was a little awkward, I thought the man was making fun of me.  My mother told me to give it a try and here I am 😉  Thanks mom!”[/highlight_2]
Sandy Leddin RED HOT Sandy Leddin RED HOT[highlight_2]”I have been to so many places, all around the world really.  I have worked in most of Europe, India, Korea, Israel, Mexico, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, the Caribbean, Chile, Argentina, South Africa and several other locations.  I’m really blessed to be able to see so much of the world.”[/highlight_2]

I think we are blessed to see so much of her as she makes the world a little prettier with every portrait she gives us.

Sandy Leddin RED HOT Sandy Leddin RED HOTWell, traveling is one of the best things about her job, but what is it she dislikes the most?

[highlight_2]”I haTe crowded airports, but otherwise there is nothing really dreadful about modeling or being on a job or location.  If you have a good agent and you know how to take care of yourself – staying fit, it’s all good.”[/highlight_2]

Sandy Leddin RED HOT Sandy Leddin RED HOT I had asked Sandy if she would recommend a younger sister or younger female relative to go into the modeling business?  I also asked her what would become of her life after modeling?

[highlight_2]”I would recommend FOR her to go into it if she were a confident chick.  Sure, it’s not the end of the world to become a model.  As far as after modeling, I’m into acting, surprise right?  I love doing workshops and now I’m learning how to play the guitar so I can play in the city for coins ;)”[/highlight_2]

I don’t think she will be playing for coins on the street but I do think she could be one of those James Bond girls.

Sandy Leddin RED HOT gunandagirl Sandy Leddin RED HOT Sandy Leddin RED HOT[highlight_2]”I don’t follow a certain diet.  I did gymnastics when I was a teenager so I think that gave me a good base.  Also, I tried almost every possible sport from kick boxing to ballet to horseback riding.  I’m quite agile.  I just started to learn the benefits of my own culinary skills so I try to make healthy stuff.  I don’t wanna break the cliché but I actually love good food ;)”[/highlight_2]

Sandy Leddin RED HOT Sandy Leddin RED HOTMost recent notable campaign?

[highlight_2]”I don’t know which one you would note.  Here in the states it is probably the Equinox campaign shot by Terry Richardson and followed by a big discussion about skinny models. Ha!  Feed me!!”[/highlight_2]
SANDY_LEDDIN_Sandy Leddin RED HOT[highlight_2]”I have enjoyed a lot of my jobs, especially when I get to travel to exotic places for shoots.  When you spend some time with a group of cool people it has a special dynamic.  We become like a family for a while and then everybody moves on.  One of my closest friends is a photographer, Daniela Glunz and I have worked with her on so many occasions on awesome projects.  She is a real inspiration and it just never gets boring”[/highlight_2]

Sandy Leddin RED HOT elle-cover So what else does Sandy like to do?  Duck hunt?  Sky dive?  Ice polo?

[highlight_2]”Yah, no shooting ducks 😉  I’m night active.  I love rock and metal concerts and my favorite people are kids which is a little hard to combine.  I’m actually doing my motorcycle license right now.  I also would like to do the powerboat one as well but I have pretty bad orientation so that’s going to be interesting in the open water.  You are invited! ;)”[/highlight_2]

Well I don’t shoot ducks either but I certainly enjoy the taste of them.  Not sure I will be hitting the ocean with Sandy anytime soon since I have a fear of sharks.

Sandy Leddin RED HOTSandy Leddin RED HOTTalented beauty from Germany lighting up the big city.  Yes, like most New Yorkers, she is a night owl.  Enjoy her video below:

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