It’s hard enough to find the so called “in” places of London but when they are hidden, it makes it all the more interesting.

On the outside-street level strolling along, La Bodega Negra appears as a Mexican brasserie-grill visible to the general public. In fact, it is exactly that above ground. But below, in the subterranean dining area, the experience is completely different and wild. RHS (REDHOT-SOCIETY) has found a Mexican favorite in Sloane Square which has produced some spicy salsa, tacos and nights to recommend for visitors who come in and out of London. But not everyone who jets in and out of London has heard of Sloane Square or even knows of Chelsea/South Kensington (very attractive crowd). The vast majority of people visiting the United Kingdom come to London and focus on familiar areas such Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Soho, Piccadilly, the tourist parts roughly. Soho, which tends to be part of that tourist area, has produced an interesting competitor.

DSCN4860 DSCN4881The front facade of La Bodega Negra off of Moor Street in London’s Soho district

The theme is a “hidden” or secret place where patrons feel special as if in some prohibition style speak easy (guess they didn’t have that in the UK-stealth tacos perhaps? Or stealth tequila?) Either way, it works well on the weekends (if it wasn’t so secret it might be busier on a Wednesday, but the tacos are good and that’s a plus). But friends, this isn’t New York, this is LONDON and things are with style, class and certainly 68% more pricey.

DSCN4923The “secret” entrance to the downstairs off of Old Compton Street, no it’s not a sex shop

DSCN4702DSCN4715 Try the upstairs and see if you like the tourist prices and daytime vibe. If you make a friend who can get you a reservation then come back for similar food and a much more lively crowd after 8pm. Hey, it’s Mexican food in London so what is there to lose? Only a few pounds (financially and I guess not physically since tequila adds on a bit).