ROSSANO FERRETTI: Opens Luxurious Lifestyle Hairspa

The latest addition to London’s hair-spa community takes over the prestigious former headquarters of Fabergé.

A haircutting dynasty is not easy to achieve.  The opulance of one brand name, Rossano Ferretti, brings the word LUXURIOUS to a new level.

Rossano Ferretti, the grandson of Renato, a barber and son of hairdresser Gigliola, was born in Campegine, a village of 500 inhabitants in the province of Reggio Emilia in 1960. As a child who loved beauty and the harmony of proportions, the family drove him to follow in the footsteps of tradition, and so at age 14, he found himself in hairdressing school. After one year at beauty school, Rossano wanted to look for a new challenge, so he went to London, where he discovered the “hair design”: Mary Quant,Twiggy and a new kind of fashion. When Rossano returned to Italy he began to offer exclusive and luxury custom services to celebrities, influencers, and socialites worldwide. He openeded his first salon in Parma, followed by Verona, Chiavari, Madrid, Venice, Vienna, Rome, Milan, Bologna, Belgrade, Miami, Mumbai, Paris and New York over the next 20 years and each salon was as successful as the last. The key to the success of Rossano Ferretti is the creation of his own method. His natural instinct for beauty, led to a revolution in the way of understanding the style of hair: the haircut that falls naturally. It is the stylist’s body movement that brings a new aesthetic which rejects standardization and conformity. From the beginning, his method of hairdressing was appreciated by women because he understood the essence of their femininity and he interpreted this with taste, discretion and respect. Rossano Ferretti then found in L’Oréal, an ideal partner to further achieve that excellence in service, which is a prerequisite of the “Method”.

Rossano FerrettiRossano Ferretti at the new location in Mayfair, London

Ferretti quotes on his website:

«I’ve always lived for this profession; I’ve always loved and respected it  completely.  Hair is definitely regarded  as less important than music, architecture and painting, but it was what I could do and I did participate in my own way with the transformations of my time»

Rossano Ferretti Rossano Ferretti Faberge ChandalierFabergé chandaliers grace the entire inside of this historic building

Rossano Ferretti LondonRossano Ferretti openingRossano Ferretti new openingGuests enjoy champagne celebrating the new Rossano Ferretti location

Rossano Ferretti opening LondonRossano Ferretti LondonRossano Ferretti salon LondonRossano FerrettiRossano FerrettiRossano Ferretti Rossano FerrettiThe work space is an art form in itself

The Rossano Ferretti “Method” or Metado, is to cut the hair vertically.  But the actual manner in which the well trained stylists perform this is more of an artistic dance.  They form almost oriental movements around the subject in the chair (notice bottom last three photos of this article).  Each stylist trains for years prior to being employed and not all candidates make the “cut” as they say (pun intended).

Rossano Ferretti Rossano Ferretti Rossano Ferretti grandfatherRenato Ferretti, a barber and grandfather to Rossano, began the Ferretti dynasty in Italy.

Grandson to a barber, Rossano has branded his name into a global high end hairspa who’s name is synonymous with excellence or masters, if you will, within the hair business.  The fee for the privilege of having one of his professionals work their magic could be considered a small fortune.  But, the target market is extremely high end and customers seem to be a constant as new locations open worldwide.  Rossano Ferretti Hairspas are located in:  Parma (where it all began), Rome, Venice, Milan, New York, LA, Miami, Paris, Madrid, New Delhi and Vienna.

Rossano Ferretti Rossano Ferretti Rossano Ferretti Rossano Ferretti spa Rossano Ferretti Rossano Ferretti Rossano Ferretti Metado Rossano Ferretti method Rossano Ferretti method