The Hybrid-Hooker is on the move.

LONDON: Knightsbridge

Madonna summed it up back in the 1980’s best with her “Material Girl” song.  Today, we live in a material world far more advanced than decades ago as people can see what others possess via social media platforms, television and comparatively cheaper travel.  With the dawn of social media we see clever girls advertising their goods and services globally.  By goods, we mean to say their material possessions as well as their physical make up.  By services, we mean to say their willingness to provide sexual favors for material possessions and comfort.  The rise of the non working material girl is here.  For a few, the question always arises, “aren’t they models?”  No they are not real models, nor are they even trying to be models.  They are, more often than not, borderline call girls and most definitely gold diggersSociety, friends and perhaps even family members often wonder, “what the hell does she do for a living?”  When the income is way off the mark compared to the type of life she is living and there is a lack of a “live in” billionaire boyfriend or uber rich parent.  It is obvious to the point of comical.

non working girls 2Some of you may be asking yourselves, “what the f#ck is this girl doing?”  Answer:  A sophisticated sexual style selfie or “S-Squared” designed to market themselves towards the male population

What is their career?  Their career is to maintain their looks by working out, waxing, eating right, studying the various careers of men who they either date or target to date, hide their true intentions by falsely representing themselves as some “C” list specialists in nutrition, beauty, spirituality, home decor, fashion, real estate or another smoke screen.  Their accomplishments?  Fewer than the fingers on one of their hands.  Some go to school via their older benefactor while others go shopping (same benefactor).  The smarter ones workout routinely and actually look for a potential career move into a legitimate business hoping to jump out of their “call of duty” sexual service lifestyle.  However, a shady past and even more evasive explanation of “who they are” and “what they do” ends up resurfacing years later if not every other day.  They are the Hybrid-Hookers of today.  Cloaked and hidden, often role playing as if they actually do have some sort of career.  They are merely looking for their ultimate cash cow whilst aging rapidly the entire time (high stress level).  We all know the ones who claim they are models but have never been published in any significant magazines, campaigns or advertisements.  Easy to spot their mischief when they sport several high priced handbags, shoes and jewelry whilst they barely speak English and were sleeping in a one bedroom flat five years ago with four other family members (born poor).  I guess they “made it” in America in some sort of way.  The hard way, to say the least.

non working girls 4She is a good girl, bad girl, whatever girl you want her to be for the right handbag, rent money, car, credit card or high priced fashion accessory…

Traditional values perhaps?  Definitely not.  Traditional or old fashioned would mean the girl is virtually a virgin dating the same guy for years, regardless of him being a complete a-hole, nice guy, broke, rich, dominating, any other desirable or undesirable quality – but stuck to him like glue.  Essentially, the man would be wearing the pants in the relationship and her job would be to support and push him and everything he does.  So these girls who might claim they are somehow old fashioned by demanding jewelry, handbags, vacations, rent money, the list goes on… are obviously not falling into the old fashioned category.  Unless their idea of old fashioned is to extract cash from a VARIETY of men several decades older than them on a monthly basis.  Yeah, doesn’t sound too old fashioned.  In fact, for any idiot who falls victim to the charms of an overly obvious non traditional, self entitled, uneducated, broken English, “I come from a virtual Third World (Eastern) European country”, they actually deserve to be labeled as a sugar daddy or human ATM machine over and over again.  The good part is it actually stimulates the economy.  They are buying goods for services these girls are providing.  Where would the luxury goods market be without these Hybrid-Hookers?  Hermes and Louis Vuitton should be sending out thank you cards to tens of thousands of slightly over the hill men (grandpas) for keeping them afloat.  In fact, these same men are really getting the short end of the stick.  Chances are they are already ordering thousands of dollars worth of erectile dysfunction medication (Viagra), buying some sort of mechanical toy (boat, plane, sports car) and supporting material fetishes of women who are half their age (more than likely).  Perhaps a new charity needs to begin focused on saving these middle to old aged men of desire and retire.  “Save Grandpa” perhaps?  Need to work on a good name.

HYBRID HOOKER, HALF HOOKERWhat’s their ultimate goal?  They want what everyone wants, security, a future, vacation, money, health, happiness, the list goes on.  The only difference is, they want it ALL given to them.  Or maybe it’s not so different from other mainstream people these days.  The whole sex and travel thing is a great example of what’s really mainstream these days vs. a few decades ago.  It’s become common, almost boring and laughable to a degree.  If you are a non gentleman buyer (because gentlemen don’t buy women) then picking a destination of her choice is the easiest and potentially the cheapest part of beginning a “buy-sexual” relationship with a non-working girl (working another way of course).  It goes without saying a few pairs of shoes and leisure dresses will have to be purchased for her whilst on the fantasy holiday.  And one thing is guaranteed, a ton of photos of her ALONE in a few exotic and “lavish” locations will be sure to hit those social media platforms.  This is what a large, very large, segment of the female population are being raised to do, influenced to become or told that it’s perfectly “normal” and okay.  Sad?  I would imagine living in a Third World European country, eating loaves of bread, potatoes and bad meat everyday – with no hope of ever becoming anything more than a local pig farmer’s wife would be sadder.  So the motivation is understood, just not accepted and condoned by those who were raised MORE FORTUNATE.  But this is capitalism, so let the chips fall where they may until you can control where you want them to fall. 

non working girlsDubai is a known brothel for what many would consider to be high class escorts.  Rumors of Victoria Secret models being paid a minimum of $1 Million to have sex with Arab royals have recently begun to surface.

An important question arises.  What crime, if any, is there of women who sex traffic themselves offshore willingly in search of bundles of cash?  Germany has legalized prostitution.  Many European cities have known and accepted red light districts.  Stateside, American men have always flown to Las Vegas for years to unload more than just their wallets at the casinos and entertainment venues.  No one really knows, except for an occasional madam in London or Los Angeles having arranged the actual offshore “deal”.  These Hybrid-Hookers are multitasking and thus have become one woman operations.  Or at most, traveling with one more girl for “safety”.  But when it comes down to it, only the woman knows if she is doing it as a job or for her personal pleasure with no acceptance of cash, favors or goods.  As long as there are buyers, there will be female sellers.  Some with little remorse.  Others, not so lucky.  But for the non working material girls, there can only be the lyrics from Madonna’s song to live by day to day while they are still attractive to the opposite sex.

“Some boys kiss me
Some boys hug me
I think they’re ok
If they don’t give me proper credit
I just walk away

They can beg and they can plead
But they can’t see the light (that’s right)
‘Cause the boy with the cold hard cash
Is always Mister Right”