Talented, global, charismatic, unique, often charming and always at the center.


RED HOT ROSTER October Jessica ChastainShe is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood right now.  Jessica Chastain, from Sacramento, California calls New York her home (where she attended Juilliard).  She is in some of the hottest films this year.  Nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA already, her career is on the up-up-and-away list (if she were a stock we would invest).  A fan of her fans and still finding time for Italian romance in the big apple, we like her basic or chill attitude.  She’s cool.

QUINCY BROWN / Los Angeles

RED HOT ROSTER October Quincy BrownHe is one of those young “born into celebrity” guys who knows how to use those dealt cards.  He has some movies coming up soon, his step father is P Diddy and he is surrounded by hot women.  The kid has everything going for him it seems.  Calm and well spoken in public, no wonder talent agents see him as the next young Hollywood mover on the silver screen.  Invited on every list from Hollywood premieres to fashion parties coast to coast, it almost seems he has been “groomed” to make a splash.  Oh, he is a singer also…  Talent!


RED HOT ROSTER October Kate McNamaraLife is rough when one has been acting since the age of 12.  But then again, it can be sweet when finally approaching the ripe and successful age of 20.  Kat McNamara is a teenage celebrity making more waves than that many of her older professional counterparts.  Gifted, sweet and possessing that girl next door look, it’s easy to see why she is receiving a lot of attention.  Part of the young Hollywood click, we suspect she will continue to dazzle fans.  She’s smart!


RED HOT ROSTER October Omar Benson MillerHe looks like a big kid, true.  Omar Benson Miller, a 6’6 actor from Detroit (raised in Orange County), is a gentle giant and always with a smile.  From television to blockbuster films like Transformers, his face is recognized around the world.  Besides starring with Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and Eminem, he created a foundation which feeds the hungry, impressive!  Friendly, easy going and likes to chat it up one one one (he has depth).  Could he be a future politician?


RED HOT ROSTER October Daphne Joy NarvaezHer claim to fame goes way beyond 50 Cent.  Her body is slammin and her face is jammin.  She has the best job in the world, just being “herself”.  Already a successful model for various international campaigns (let’s face it, her body is out of control), it’s no wonder she has recently pursued acting whilst living in Los Angeles.  Put it this way, in the “casting couch” scenario, she would be in control.  Sweet and sexy is the new dangerous.  She’s RED HOT!


RED HOT ROSTER October Jason StraussFrom promoter to nightlife chief, the native New Yorker is part of the hottest places in New York, Las Vegas and Sydney.  If you reside in New York and don’t know his name or the places he is co-owner of, then let’s face it, you are an idiot.  In the last 20 years everyone has come and gone from Peter Gatien to Michael Ault-Van Cleef.  The smiley gent has managed to steer his way to success in the hospitality sector.  He’s a driving force behind the “New York Vibe” globally. Keep going!

 JULIA LESCOVA / Los Angeles

She’s got one insane body.  Need we say more?  She is from one of those little countries on the Baltic where all men dream of visiting as they are rumored to be stocked full of exotic and well mannered “babes”, for lack of a better word.  Living her nation’s dream as sunny LA is a far cry from frozen Baltic beer and glaciers.  Top fashion model and oh so sexy-sweet in person.  Looks of a lion, character of a kitten.  Globetrotter, bikini babe and sexy socialite.  She’s it!


RED HOT ROSTER October Noah TepperbergLadies and gentleman, this is Mr. New York, in a nutshell.  Long time business partner with Jason Strauss and co-founder of the same New York venues, he puts the “cool” in cool kids.  From sipping champagne in secret rooms to lecturing at Harvard on the economics of nightlife/hospitality, he impresses everyone.  A true entrepreneur as he often wears tennis shoes to black tie events.  We like his swagger.  Jewish Godfather of the nightlife world?