Talented, global, charismatic, unique, often charming and always at the center.

New York: The Bowery


The latest British heart throb to hit the Hollywood scene.  Sorry ladies, he’s married to a hot English babe.  Talented, witty and a gentleman, it’s easy to see why he is becoming the toast of Hollywood.  If the film industry was one giant corporation then he would be moving up the ladder to vice president.  His latest film co-stars with Charlize Theron and it looks like more en route.  Is he a bad guy?  Caught with a weapon in his youth and successfully battled alcohol and crack addiction, he is a true road warrior.  The past doesn’t always predict the future and this London family man is living proof that second chances can lead to great success.


THE RED HOT ROSTER MAY 2015 + Andie MacDowellANDIE MACDOWELL / Los Angeles

Some people just don’t age.  At 57 years old this South Carolina babe still makes heads turn.  Living in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles, this Hollywood star is right in the mix of what’s hot.  Southern belle by birth and LA woman by right, she has more street smarts and intuition about people than she likes to let them know.  CIA agent?  Not quite, but don’t bs this classy mom because she can see it from a mile away.  We like her ageless beauty, sophistication and in a world full of women wearing pants, her femininity or traditional nature.  She’s one to keep following.  The question is, can she cook chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes?


THE RED HOT ROSTER MAY 2015 + Channing TatumCHANNING TATUM / Los Angeles

It seems a lot of women these days want to see this guy, aka Magic Mike, in his bikini underwear.  Another married and devoted family man, these Hollywood dreaming venereal vixens don’t have a chance.  Known to be a devout Mormon and yet a functioning alcoholic, we can only guess he doesn’t take many trips to Utah.  He is known for his dance moves and action – comedy works.  Actor, model, film producer, dancer, husband, the list goes on.  With barely a Southern accent, his acting skills and dance skills make him a leading man in Hollywood.  The all American boy is a representation that there is life after leaving Alabama.  Oh, his wife is smoking hot, really…


RED HOT ROSTER MAY 2015 + Zhang Liangying + Jane ZhangJANE ZHANG / Los Angeles

Technically still in China, but oh does she LOVE coming to Los Angeles.  This Cathay entertainment princess has a powerful voice tucked inside her petite frame.  Sweet, real and an artist with a soul, she has an entourage of protectors keeping her safe and happy.  The greatest thing to come out of China since gunpowder, she really knows how to light up people’s faces.  Raw talent begins and ends with her, so forget the remixes and dubbed vocals.  The term Chinese diva definitely comes to mind.  Hitting Hollywood for movie soundtracks, we wonder if she is starting a trend for the next wave of music.  Everything else is made in China.  She’s hot.


THE RED HOT ROSTER MAY 2015 + Kevin DillonKEVIN DILLON / Los Angeles

The one time shadow of the Flamingo Kid (his older brother), the HBO and movie star has carved his name out for the history books of Hollywood.  A New Yorker through and through, the Irish style lad is all smiles and eager to have conversations with those who are polite to him.  Can we say A-List?  We certainly think so since he is part of a one of the most successful shows spanning a decade, if including the feature film.  Often the real life version of his screen character, we don’t think there is one ounce of falseness in his persona.  An authentic character and a genuine gentleman.  He’s got the magic stuff that makes people successful, respect.


RED HOT ROSTER MAY 2015 + Joanna PrusJOANNA PRUS / Los Angeles

Stop the press and then stop it again.  Yes, she is that hot.  Beyond being every guy’s fantasy, this package of lust and desire comes with not only a sensible brain, but a heart bigger than most girls fake breasts.  Animal lover and a overall “do-gooder” don’t be surprised if the media shows her serving homeless people turkey on Thanksgiving next year.  Perfection gets more so when men find out she is, yes, “shy”.  But don’t worry.  Fantasies increase immediately as we are unsure of her relationship status.  Watch out, this Prussian princess is New York schooled and never fooled.



You might not think you are meeting a celebrity because he is too nice.  Want to take a selfie?  Then he’s the guy to do it on his phone and text it to you because he assumes all people are full of class like him.  English and ready to mingle, the graceful gentleman player might just smile the women all the way into the bedroom.  From About a Boy with Hugh Grant to X-Men with everybody, his career is on the up and up.  This beast has the eyes of every admiring female often in the room, moms and daughters alike.  Tall enough to play basketball but cool enough to also play poker probably with Dan Bilzerian, this 25 year old Brit is sure to make more waves.


THE RED HOT ROSTER MAY 2015 + Danijela KarlssonDANIJELA KARLSSON / Los Angeles

The term Swedish massage puts her image into most men’s one way brains.  Yes, she’s hot.  This Stockholm beauty is one of those Los Angeles socialites who’s always there but trying to keep a low profile.  Highly sought after and smarter than these basic BCBG wearing Southern California hussies, she is only but a myth to most.  Unless you are flying private.  High class and above the crowd, you will never forget her if you meet her.  She just might be an equal to the famous, The Most Interesting Man in the World, and then some.  An artist, animal lover and fortune teller, she’s too hot to handle.  She’s a smorgasbord of personality and looks.  Just don’t get in her way.