Talented, global, charismatic, unique, often charming and always at the center.

LONDON: Fitzrovia



Who doesn’t know the Terminator/Governator famed Hollywood star?  When Frank Sinatra sang “I DID IT MY WAY”, he may have been unknowingly referring to this Austrian champ.  When the going gets tough, the Arnold gets going.  He has proven his success decade after decade taking (and creating) bad press only to spin out on top numerous times.  He has flaws, he has character, he has charisma and he even has secrets gone public.  Yes, a real guy who is human, just like you and me.  Fortune favors the bold and he is Mr. Fortunate.  The most interesting REAL man in the world.


RED HOT ROSTER June 2015, Charlize TheronCHARLIZE THERON / Los Angeles

Can you say single again?  Men and lesbians want to sleep with her, women want to be her and Hollywood wants to profit off of her.  She is a one woman brand.  Peaking at 40 years old, she is modern proof that being older (vs. young Hollywood) is not being out of the game.  New York attitude wrapped up in Los Angeles looks.  She is on top of the world, where some would say – there is only one way to go which is down (pessimists).  Beware, she’s not your average diva and might wear the crown longer than anyone thinks.


RED HOT ROSTER June 2015, Dwayne JohnsonDWAYNE JOHNSON / Los Angeles

Making his way with muscles much like our Austrian idol before mentioned.  The California native may not have the best choice in tailoring, but he has the best outcome financially of his film selections.  Role model, athlete, workout champ and father, he has a very full life.  How does he do everything with a smile?  Only his besties know we suppose.  Hollywood loves a scandal and The Rock (his alter ego) is certainly due for one.  A gentle giant but still, we wouldn’t want to piss him off down a dark alley.


RED HOT ROSTER June 2015, Elizabeth BanksELIZABETH BANKS / Los Angeles

She’s a busy bee.  Actress, mom, wife, producer and most recently, director (Pitch Perfect 2).  A good looking Hollywood woman with a brain and motivation.  Sounds like the perfect woman to be married to.  Outgoing, cordial and looks great even in a t-shirt, we give her two thumbs up for just being who she is.  She figured out the movie business faster than most by not waiting around for action.  She creates it.  We envision her being on the upper uber top level of most powerful people in Hollywood in the future.  Hope she can keep up her artistic business skills and make everyone proud.  You keep going girl!


RED HOT ROSTER June 2015, Jai CourtneyJAI COURTNEY / Los Angeles

One of Hollywood’s newest sex symbols and you wouldn’t believe what women have to say about his looks in private.  Yes, he brings out the primordial reproduction properties of the female gender.  We would love to have his problem for one day.  The Australian accent seems to help with seductiveness, but rest assured, it’s all American on camera.  Cool in person and enjoys a good vodka, something down home simple about Aussie’s in the film business.  However, he and Dwayne have one flaw in common.  Both are in need of a good LONDON tailor!


RED HOT ROSTER June 2015, Charlie RiinaCHARLIE RIINA / Los Angeles

What’s not to like about this gorgeous bombshell?  She’s turning them on from 15 to 55 years of age.  Teenage fantasy to middle age despair, they all want her.  If you want to see what a perfectly curved lingerie swimsuit body looks like, look no further.  Acting is her passion and yes, she has a brain to go along with her boobs.  Technically she is still residing part time in Toronto where her real estate business is booming.  We love her everything and can’t get enough of those 138 Water posters.  Ok, the lingerie ads are also our favorite.  Gentlemen smooth talking types beware.  She can see you coming a mile, make that from two miles away…


RED HOT ROSTER June 2015, Rex LeeREX LEE / Los Angeles

Probably one of the very few actors who is almost exactly like one of his main characters on television and film.  One of the sweetest guys anyone can meet who is in Hollywood.  If you asked him for $5 dollars after meeting him, he probably would give it to you.  Needless to say, the nicer people always seem to be tends to coincide with them being some of the happiest.  Originally starting out as a professional pianist, acting took over this artist’s passion for work.  From a traditional Korean family, sadly, even with gay marriage legal his parents are distant from him.  A strong spirited and talented human being.  Keep on rocking!


RED HOT ROSTER June 2015, Rachel TrailRACHEL TRAIL / Los Angeles

19 years old and raising some top modeling management eyebrows.  Nowhere near or into Hollywood as of yet as she is a university student and part time fashion consultant.  Raw talent comes in many forms and often needs further development.  We can see some very hot development with this California babe.  The opposite of uptight and more easy go beach friendly, she’s cool.  What’s her claim to fame?  So far we have put her in our young one to watch section.  A local Los Angelino with a lot of looks, luck and a clean driving record.  Let’s see if we have the honor of discovering her first!